Sarah Palin's character distilled into a moment of time

On the day McCain announced her selection as his running mate, Palin thanked Clinton and Ferraro for blazing her trail. A day later, Ferraro noted her shock at Palin’s comment. You see, none of her peers, no one, had ever publicly thanked her in the 24 years since her historic run for the White House.

When I read these sentences, I was just stunned, almost like the sky had opened up. And a tear came into my eye.I mean, imagine all the pain that Geraldine Ferraro must have been enduring this past quarter century, that since her unsuccessful run for Vice President, that no one from among her supposed supporters had ever publicly thanked for her historic run, almost like she had contracted a social disease.

And then, when she had faded into public obscurity, the unexpected vindication – and that coming not from the ranks of her own political party, but from the mouth of a women from the Republican party, thanking her for her labors during her first address to the nation after getting the nod as that party’s candidate for Vice President.

I mean if you have ever been in a somewhat comparable position, then you know the joy and relief that we feel when some one says “thank you” in recognition, tell us that we matter, that we are appreciated. I know such at times in my life when I’ve poured out my heart and was wallowing in self-pity, the healing power that hearing “thank you” has had.

And it takes a noble spirit, a generous heart to cross partisan lines to say those simple, and yet all-so rare lines – “thank you”.

This simple act says more about about Sarah Palin’s character than reams of analysis. Sarah, you’re gold!

Read the whole article: it’s most perceptive in explaining the astonishing impact the Sarah Palin has had on people who never before have entertained the thought that the Republican party might better represent their interests, at least a Republican party that chose Sarah to be one of its standard bearers.

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