Here I take my stand

Lest anyone, humor-challenged or other, not understand where I was coming from in my earlier post here at RedState:

I support 100% the nomination of Governor Sarah Palin for Vice President and stand in sympathy and support of the Palin family during this challenging time that they face with their daughter Bristol.

I pronounce anathema on the subhuman slime who first spread baseless and abhorrent rumors about Gov. Palin’s fifth child being her daughter Bristol’s child and upon the feckless filth who subsequently are twisting the announcement of Bristol’s pregnancy into a grotesque attack upon Bristol and upon Sarah’s fitness to serve in office and judgmental condemnation of the Palin family parenting skills.

And I entertain utter disdain for those media personages and media organization in this fine land who have prostituted all journalistic principles and brought down American political discourse to uprecedented and inconceivable depths of degradation, tearing down hitherto unbreached barriers of ethical restraint, in their persecution of Bristol Palin and their lust to destroy by innuendo and guilt-by-parentage the political career of Gov. Palin for strictly partisan and vindictive reasons unmoored from any sense of honesty or integrity.

I trust there are no questions.

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