A View from New Jersey: Tax Revaluations & Fiscal Insanity

In April, we were treated to the reports that the financially responsible folks who run our local municipalities would be fighting back against Governor Chris Christie’s property tax cap because they are just working on a shoe string budget.

The vast majority of municipalities in the state of New Jersey are run by Democrats. Democrats, led by the picture of financial solvency Barack Obama, have spent the better part of a century demonizing the corrupt business world for their waste and greed (and alleged oppression of poor people.)

Now, those same patron saints of fiscal responsibility and protectors of the poor would have you believe that you (especially those of you labeled “poor”) would greatly benefit by having your property taxes raised more than 4% in a given fiscal year. Their mantra? “Taxes good, personal wealth bad.”

Christie’s proposal, which actually limits the rate of property tax growth in a given year, would basically eliminate a fun part of the state’s property tax cap law exploited to great bureaucratic ecstasy during former Governor Christie Whitman’s failed attempts to reduce the oppressive state tax burden.

Financially responsible governing officials, without any undue influence from union thugs and party power players like the esteemed political boss George Norcross, simply ballooned local spending to record amounts to more than make up for any reductions the Whitman administration made. Their actions doomed the fiscal policies of the Whitman administration by robbing Peter to pay Paul and ensured that individual tax burdens on New Jersey residents became the most oppressive in the country.

A side note: did you ever notice that the only time New Jersey wins attention nationwide is when we have the highest property tax rate in the nation, the city with the most crime (thank you Camden!) or when a bunch of illiterate and randy degenerates get a reality show hellbent on proving just how low class, immoral and downright stupid alleged residents of the state have become?

So, the Christie administration is attempting to coerce the local county and municipal governments to embrace fiscal solvency as a business plan as well, and they don’t like it. It’s only greedy corporations that should live within their means and cut costs. The enlightened folks running our government are just too important to concern themselves with mundane details like balancing budgets and putting government back on the side of the people with as small a financial burden placed on individuals as possible.

Now comes word that Camden County, a county that has never seen a tax it can’t increase, expand, or multiply, has ordered “revaluations” in many local municipalities so that government can get their “fair share” in property taxes by making sure tax rates keep up with property values.

To be honest, when the headline first appeared in the Courier-Post, I foolishly thought that perhaps the Berlin borough and other local towns were “revaluating” homes to reduce their already oppressive tax burdens.

These revaluations are being done during a time of rampant unemployment (except for the few folks who found temporary work via the 6 week census jobs–go stimulus!) and near universal economic collapse. It’s also worthy to note that the economic collapse has impacted New Jersey far more seriously than the other states in the neighborhood due to the state’s anti-business environment and already oppressive tax burden.

Yet, Camden County, ever the Ebenezer Scrooge, wants to make sure you aren’t holding out on them.

That the one-party led Camden County government would pursue such a revaluation during this economic environment reveals the true identity of the menacing liberal overlords that run this county. The arrogance of the corrupt, fiscally irresponsible political elite of New Jersey knows no bounds and suffers no opposition. The combination of rigid leftist ideology, rampant unchecked government inefficiency through both corruption and incompetence, and the downright disdain for those they claim to serve amounts to a perfect storm of further economic collapse, unprecedented home foreclosures and record unemployment.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

It should be noted that the voters of Camden County have some strong pro-business and fiscally responsible candidates running for freeholder in November. If out of control spending and skyrocketing taxation aren’t for you, you might want to think about voting for, contributing to, and volunteering for Scot DeCristofaro and George Zallie. Just an idea, mind you. You could always just bend over in anticpation of the next round of tax increases if you prefer.

New Jersey’s war over fiscal policy and taxation is truly the war for the economic soul of America. The entrenched special interests running every corner of this state have had decades of unchecked control over the people of this state and they’ve enjoyed every second of running this state into the ground.

At the state level, Governor Christie continues to try to reduce the oppressive tax burden that has sent countless businesses and families fleeing the state like it was some sort of third world dictatorship (no offense to Camden–our own local third world theme park.) Locally, however, the very important government officials have still yet to discover the rare political treasures of common sense and sound fiscal policy.

It’s time for the residents of New Jersey and more specifically, Camden County, to stand up and hold them accountable.

Let the great voter revaluation of 2010 begin!