The Two Faces of Rob Andrews on Healthcare

To all my friends at Restate:

I know that Redstate has done wonders for solid conservative candidates across the country. Please seriously consider financially supporting Dale Glading for congress in New Jersey’s 1st Congressional District. Rob Andrews is actually vulnerable this time around, but without the funding, Glading will have a hard time making his case. Thanks for all you do! Here’s my column from Examiner.com:

As the old adage goes, if you want to kill the snake, you have to chop off its head.

New Jersey residents in the 1st legislative district have the opportunity to do just that to the healthcare nonsense in Washington this November by ousting Congressman Rob Andrews, co-sponsor of the various House bills on healthcare reform and perfecter of serpent-like political double-speak.

Rob Andrews, the Democratic Congressman who has represented the 1st Legislative District for what seems like an eternity, wears his co-sponsorship of the socialist health care bills in congress as a badge of honor despite the fact that polls consistently show well over 50%-60% of Americans oppose the plan.

Andrews, ever the career politician, tries to speak out of both sides of his mouth on the bill. In his earlier town hall meeting, he often would tell voters not to worry about portions of the bill such as taxpayer funding for abortion because it magically wouldn’t be in the final bill, even though it was currently in there now. He now is playing that same game when it comes to the cost of the bill. Appearing on Fox News, Representative Andrews said, “Well, I think you can reduce what the bill spends. I mean, I think one thing the public has said loud and clear is, spend less, and I think we’re looking for ways to be responsive to that.”

His solution? In recent weeks Mr. Andrews has both proposed a new tax on health care plans and opposed it. It apparently depends on the day of the week and the audience he is speaking to.

The most shocking display of duplicity, however, comes regarding the public option. Last summer those who attended the Andrews town hall meeting on healthcare were told repeatedly that the public option somehow “encouraged competition in the “marketplace exchange” that he kept rambling on about. This “competition” was to be good for everyone and not meant as a tool to destroy private health insurance. He was emphatic about this point.

However, while being interviewed at about the same time on the now bankrupt Air America by some emotionally unstable woman named Nicole Sandler, his position was quite the opposite.

Sandler spent several minutes in the run-up to the interview with Andrews crying about her own healthcare horror stories of having her daughter with “ADHD” getting dropped from a plan (albeit because, as she admits, she didn’t pay the premium) and how she needs the government to come in and save the day in a plot eerily similar to most Lifetime Original movies starring Tori Spelling.

The fork-tongued Andrews started out his interview by shocking the host in stating his opposition to a single-payer system. The reasoning behind his position of course, was not one of principle, but one necessary to save the Obama healthcare bill.

Taking us further away from free market into the world of Castro-like utopian socialism, Andrews reassured his host with the delightfully revealing portion on the public option.

The host proudly declared that the only way healthcare would be truly reformed was if we “consider healthcare a basic human right and get the profit motive out of healthcare because it’s what’s killing us.”

In response, at virtually the same time that he was assuring an ocean of constituents at Rowan University that the intent of the public option was merely competition, he said:

“You know what, that’s why we have the public option that we do in there because they will operate in a not for profit basis and we think it will probably out-compete the private insurers. When it does, people will have the right to join such a plan and have such an option, that’s the idea.”

That’s why we have the public option. To help “get the profit motive out of healthcare.”

The host, giddy with socialist fantasies of rationed care and bread lines, needed a little more clarity. Will all folks be able to opt in? Even those with private insurance?

Rob Andrews responded “eventually yes” and then talked about a “5 year phase in” where “at the end of the 5 years we reach a point where most people could join and we think eventually we reach a point where everybody could.”

The emotionally unstable host then broke down into hysterics not unlike that lunatic woman from the Obama rallies of 2008 who was relieved to know that Obama would be paying her bills for her and that she no longer had to worry about a thing.

When confronted with the charge that this government-run healthcare utopia would lead to rationing of care (as it has in every single nation that has gone to socialized medicine) Andrews scoffed that care is “already rationed…to make a buck,” and then cited the woman’s failure to pay her premiums as an example of corporate greed.

Of course, by forcing private insurers to compete against a government entity where profit is not a motive, the deck is already stacked. Making it illegal for the companies to determine their own costs to the consumer based on the amount they would have to put out to cover that individual is also a recipe for a speedy bankruptcy and devolution into single-payer Marxist utopia.

Additionally, so determined is Rob Andrews in passing this legislation, that he backs the “nuclear option” of shoving the reform down the throats of Americans through the chicanery of “reconciliation.” Calling “reconciliation” a “normal path for legislation” Representative Andrews publicly expressed his support for this approach in a recent interview with The Hill. The “reconciliation” plan is one currently opposed by Democratic Senator Robert Byrd, and previously opposed by current proponents such as Harry Reid, Barack Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary Clinton (who all find the allure of power more intoxicating than principles.)

So, apparently like his colleagues, Rob Andrews’ position varies according to what audience he is speaking to. Andrews portrays a rational and common sense public persona, but telling moments like this exchange with Air America, reveal the anti-free market leftist radical that Andrews has become after decades in Washington.

If the tea party movement is serious about stopping Obama-style healthcare reform, they would do well to support Andrews’ opponent Dale Glading. Glading, who will be largely outspent in this primarily blue region of New Jersey, could use some help from grassroots folks across the country.

Glading has released his own version of healthcare reform, and it resembles a common sense approach that most voters support. Among the highlights of his plan, Glading
calls for “meaningful tort reform” and “structural steps to make health care plans portable, so that Americans who lose or switch their jobs no longer have to surrender their health coverage.” Glading also calls for an “end to costly mandates” and allowing for Americans to customize their plans to stop paying for “coverage they do not need and cannot afford.”

Glading’s plan also calls for cutting costs by lowering premiums for folks with healthier lifestyles. The all-knowing federal government currently limits the discount rate for healthy lifestyles to less than 20%.

And yes, Glading also supports “removing taxpayer funding for abortions and disturbing ‘end of life counseling’ from the health care package” that Mr. Andrews will argue will magically disappear when the bill gets signed into law. Just trust him.

Dale Glading represents the kind of candidate that tea party folks and common sense Americans can get behind. He also represents the kind of candidate who will go to Washington to fight against the out-of-control government spending. On the other hand, Rob Andrews will, at best, offer more of the same, and in all reality be plotting the demise of the free market behind the backs of his constituents.

So devoted to this cause is Andrews that he would rather support a bad bill than nothing at all. The Congressman let this cat out of the bag during the town hall meeting at Rowan University when he expressed remorse for voting against Hillarycare in the 1990s. That bill hasn’t evolved over time to become more moderate in its approach, it is Mr. Andrews that has drifted more to the left.

This year marks the return of “common sense” to the public square. For that to happen, left-wing ideologues in sheep’s clothing like Rob Andrews need to be defeated in November.