Palm Readings, Navy Corpse-men & the Coming Political Tsunami

To listen to the media’s tired narrative regarding Sarah Palin, a stupid “redneck woman” stumbled onto the stage in Nashville this weekend and had to scribble her thoughts via crayon onto her palm in stark contrast to the brilliant reading skills of the President. In fact, within 48 hours of the speech, there were well over 2,000 articles listed on Google as being about “palmgate.”

The “story” as presented by the mainstream media and the Obamamania pep squad on the socialist left, however, see things differently than most of America. A political tsunami is coming, one that will shake both political parties to the core and will redefine American politics for a generation to come.

People are tired of the lectures, scorn and utter disdain of Washington’s ruling elites. President Obama was elected largely to root out this arrogant Washington beast, and instead has become the face of it. He is, as Sarah Palin astutely pointed out, not “a Commander-in-Chief” but “a professor of law at the lectern.”

Republicans and Democrats alike have made a living of saying one thing and then selling out their principles once in Washington. Amid the countless sex scandals from both parties, the back room deals, the corrupt earmark-laden sweetheart deals and quid pro quo spending bills, the American people have finally seen the truth about their arrogant ruling class and are poised to do something about it. The elections of 2006 and 2008 were just the beginning. The power-hungry and ideologically adrift Republicans were tossed out after President Bush and the Republican congress paid lip service to conservative principles before embracing massive government spending and back-room dealing.

The American people by and large still favor conservatism, they just want to vote for honest folks who are genuine about it.

The elections of the last year have affirmed that and given context to Obama’s 2008 triumph. His victory was not so much the birth of a new political renaissance, as it was the yearning for something authentic and new. One year after coming to office, however, Mr. Obama turned out to be nothing more than a kept man answerable to the plethora of lobbyists, union thugs, socialist activists, and corporate fat cats that put him in office.

Suddenly the “hopey, changey thing” isn’t working out too well.

In addition to an overall hostility to the political swamp of Washington, a recent Rasmussen Poll found that an astounding 75% of Americans are angry about government’s CURRENT policies. (The emphasis on “current” was mine.) They are not angry with George Bush’s policies. They are angry with the “fundamental change” being ushered in by America’s professor.

Yet in spite of this and with an anemic overall approval rating for the president, and his approval on the economy and healthcare at 32% and 36% respectively, Mr. Obama arrogantly continues to read from the same script. Hope. Change. Yawn.

Mr. Obama’s response is to double down and take the position that our opposition has no other plausible foundation besides our own ignorance and stupidity regarding his grand vision for “fundamental change” in America. It couldn’t possibly be a principled disagreement. Only a dunce would reject hope and change.

On the rare occasion that Obama does pay lip service to “listening” to the American people, it falls on deaf ears. Several years of saying one thing and doing another have seriously destroyed the reputation of the harbinger of all things change and caused Americans to see him as one of the dirtbags he claimed he was going to guard us against.

Sarah Palin, however, conveys a genuine belief in free market principles, a strong national defense, and a return to America’s roots. In a politically poisoned environment, she stands out as something pure and genuine. Palin’s willingness to walk away repeatedly from political power to fight an injustice only further cements her reputation that she is something different. Her sincerity and authenticity speak to a “diamond in the rough” who is unafraid to make tough choices and unwilling to sell out her core beliefs.

Americans are looking for authenticity, integrity and common sense. And Sarah Palin gets it. The political forces are converging to form a perfect storm for folks like Palin, and grassroots conservative candidates like Marco Rubio in Florida. Standard run-of-the-mill politicians of either party need not apply.

And authentic is something that the President is not. While the media has been busy drooling over Sarah Palin’s last minute talking points inscribed into the palm of her hand (something that many of us who have done public speaking can relate to) they intentionally chose to cover up yet another major gaffe from President Obama.

While the authentic Palin gave her speech working occasionally from notes and having written a few points on her palm, the inauthentic Mr. Obama has demonstrated a disconcerting dependence on the text-scrolling panes of glass. He needs TelePrompters at staff meetings and to deliver brief introductions of his cabinet members. He even recently had to rely on TelePrompters to speak to a room full of sixth grade students. This week while intently reading from his beloved text-filled glass panes, the President referred to a Navy corpsman as a “Navy corpse-man” twice in the same speech. This trickster of a monicker also befuddled Obama in October 2009 when he also uttered the seemingly undead zombified phrase of “Navy corpse-man.” Yet, still neither Obama nor any of the smarter administration in history has figured out how to pronounce a very basic military title, or more likely, simply don’t think that it matters.

And as the political tsunami continues to barrel down on their anointed one and his cronies, the media continues to underestimate the hockey mom from Wasilla and the everyday Americans who stand with her.