Obamamania Fades To Red

One year after “the one” took office, his approval ratings are in the toilet and Republicans are experiencing a dramatic reversal of fortunes. Many a pundit on both the left and the right spent the early days of Obama’s tenure lecturing about the sorry state of the GOP and the fact that they would not be a viable national party for a long time.

Then Obama entered the scene and weakened our national defense while making excuses and/or covering up for Islamic extremists, increased our national debt to the largest levels ever, weakened the dollar, launched an all-out assault on free market capitalism, apologized around the world for the horrors of America, coddled dictators, swooned over Communists, and attempted to bring about socialist revolution in this country.

It turns out that this was “change” the nation refused to believe in.

The first warning signs came with the thousands upon thousands of everyday folks who turned up in the Tea Party rallies all throughout the spring. The summer saw many of these folks swamping the previously near-empty town hall meetings around the country to voice opposition to Obama’s healthcare nonsense. They were greeted with condescending arrogance.

In the fall, Virginia and New Jersey elected Republican governors. Keep in mind that both states voted for Barack Obama in 2008 and that both President Obama and Vice President Biden made every effort to link the Democratic candidates with them. No less than five trips were made here to New Jersey and the landscape was littered with billboards depicting Obama and Corzine locking arms under the banner of “Keep It Going.” Mr. Biden even went so far as to credit the befuddled New Jersey Governor with being the brains behind the stimulus plan.

In essence New Jersey was told that if we liked Obama’s stimulus plans we should vote for Jon Corzine. Both Corzine and Obama were awash with arrogance as they told New Jersey voters in no uncertain terms that they were re-elect Obama’s finance man.

The result was that Corzine lost by 5 points in a state that voted for Obama by 20 just one year prior.

Immediately the blame was laid at the feet of both Mr. Deeds of Virginia and Jon Corzine in New Jersey. They “weren’t good candidates” and didn’t “campaign hard enough.” President Obama even tried to downplay the results having his spokesman claim he was watching basketball and had no idea who won either election, and that he never really intended to campaign for Jon Corzine, he just stopped by a rally because he and Michelle came to Newark for a date. (Perhaps they couldn’t get reservations in Camden.)

Yesterday as New Jersey’s new Republican governor was sworn in, the angry mobs struck again. Too stupid to know what is good for them, they rejected Obama once more.

Scott Brown won the senate seat from Massachusetts by 5 points. This was a seat held by Teddy Kennedy before, during and after he drove Mary Jo Kopechne off the bridge into the bay and left her for dead for half a day or more before bothering to call it in. In other words, since the early 1960s and after Kennedy’s involvement in a murder, a scandal which would have sunk even the best of politicians. Prior to Teddy, the seat was held for a few years by a Kennedy family sycophant, who merely warmed the seat for young Teddy until he was drunk enough, er, old enough to run for the seat. Prior to that man, the seat was held by John F. Kennedy.

This is not just a seat that the Democrats have held for 60 years or so, but it is one of their treasured liberal institutions. Most folks can’t remember the time before the Kennedys (and thus the liberal wing of the Democratic party) held onto this treasured vote in the senate.

Thanks to Barack Obama, that seat is now in the hands of a Republican. This feat is quite astonishing. President Obama sealed the deal for Senator-elect Brown by taking enough time off from his photo op at the Red Cross headquarters (where instead of doing something helpful or even acting sad, he gushed over his ability to “tweet” all by himself, something that surely brought comfort to the dead and dying in Haiti just as powerfully as his jovial manner and “shout outs” at the beginning of his first public statement on the Fort Hood shooting did) to insert himself into the race by campaigning with the hapless Marcia, er, Martha Coakley.

Obama and his supporters have been quick to throw Coakley under the same bus that already ran over Corzine and Deeds. The problem with the idea of Coakley being such a weak candidate, however, is that this woman won her current statewide office with 73% of the vote in 2006. She wasn’t the sharpest tool in the shed, but it was not her campaigning skills that lost this one.

Obama’s appearance was the latest in a string of angry-sounding arrogance-soaked scowl-fests, where Obama lectures the listeners in what can only be described as a temper tantrum, about their foolish rejection of his deity and supremacy. In fact, this event was even classier. Just hours after standing next to former President George W. Bush at the White House, where he asked President Bush to help him with the Haiti situation, President Obama was in Massachusetts bashing him and blaming everything on him. “Blah blah blah, he had eight years to mess this up, blah blah blah, we only had one year to clean it up.”

Americans are sick of the victim routine. It might work to incite rabid anger among the community misanthropes when serving as an all-important “community organizer” but it falls flat when you are actually attempting to lead people, particularly Americans.

The GOP victories in the very blue states of Massachusetts and New Jersey and the at best purple state of Virginia was not anger over George W. Bush. That was 2008’s election results. The anger is directed at President Obama and his band of merry socialists hell-bent on destroying America and “fundamentally changing” it into something altogether new.

If Americans were upset with Bush’s spending, they are not likely to be comforted by Obama’s spending, which dwarfs all previous administrations combined.

If they are unhappy about the growing burden that the life-sucking government is having on their businesses and pocketbooks, they are likely not reassured by Obama’s reaching deeper and harder into their pockets with his government tentacles.

The results yesterday further cement that the Democrats are in a dangerous place. The coming midterm elections are likely to be a bloodbath, which will in all probability hand BOTH houses of congress back over to the Republicans. Senator Barbara Boxer of California and Harry Reid in Nevada are in trouble according to polling. Joe Biden’s son looks like he is headed for defeat in Delaware. Those are just a few of the big names looking to end their career in the Obama-backlash tsunami that is sweeping the country.

The Democrats now have a clear choice. They can stand together and shove through the Obamacare because this is their chance, or they can be re-elected. For most Democrats, these two have become mutually exclusive. Losing Teddy Kennedy’s seat should be a clear warning sign that no Democrat is safe this year, just as the elections of 2006 should have warned the then hapless Republicans of the upcoming 2008 election. If the Democrats fail to learn the lessons of these recent failures, they risk heading down the same path to political oblivion that the Republicans took.

Massachusetts showed us that all bets are off regarding “safe” Democratic seats. In the age of Obama, there is simply no such thing. In this political environment not even our own Rob Andrews is safe from the voter’s wrath!
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