Obama & Security: "The buck stops here (when it doesn't stop with Bush)"

Echoing President Harry Truman, the current leader of the free world tried to reverse public perception of him being al Qaeda’s “yes man” by declaring that the “buck stops here.”

“Ultimately the buck stops with me,’’ he said on January 7, “When the system fails it is my responsibility.’‘ Of course, he then had the esteemed White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs and Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano follow up by explaining that the failure was because of policies that were George Bush’s doing. So the buck stops only temporarily with Obama, until he finds a way to make it stop with Bush. In the good cop/bad cop routine that he has mastered, he can take the responsibility personally while his underlings can explain to us why it isn’t really his fault. Saul Alinsky would be so proud.

This who attempt to “take responsiblity” is quite the turnaround for America’s Next Top Model. Tyra was no doubt impressed with Obama’s pouty face when he sternly delivered this line to the nation, but it would have to ignore the entire duration of his presidency thus far (not just those glorious first 10 days that were so packed with accomplishment as to warrant a Nobel Peace Prize) to believe it.

Truthfully, even the First TelePrompter was surprised when this nugget scrolled across its face. After all, Mr. Obama has spent his first year in office blaming George Bush for the economy, for his own massive spending and deficits (which outdo Bush and all previous 42 presidents combined) for his decision on Afghanistan taking so long, and for the worldwide animosity that led to the loss of the 2016 Olympics. He also sat at the Summit of the Americas listening intently as dictator after dictator got up and bashed America. His retort was to thank Daniel Ortega for not blaming him personally for things America did when he was just a young kid. (A remake of his similar attempt to minimize the terrorist bombings conducted while he was just a boy soaking in the morning calls to prayer in Indonesia, by Bill Ayers, his political mentor and ghostwriter of “Dreams of my Father” and “The Audacity of Hope.”)

In this speech, the great responsibility taker also “talked tough” about terrorism. The “overseas contingency operations” became a “War on Terror” (albeit without the manly Texas drawl and swagger of President Bush) and the “manmade disasters” became “terrorist attacks.” Of course, this is the same man who spent the year making sure we all understood that there was no war and that we could all relax. From Afghanistan to Iraq, Iran to Gitmo, from threatened prosecutions of CIA agents to miranda rights for terrorists, Obama’s “kinder” and “gentler” view of dealing with worldwide terror has been made abundantly clear.

By the way, if it’s back to being a “war on terror” someone might want to tell Attorney General Eric Holder. He’s still in pre-production on the New York stage show of “Jihad: The Musical” where the masterminds of 9/11 will be put on a public trial with a heap of evidence that won’t be considered “constitutional” and then handed a megaphone to let us know just how happy Allah is about those dead American infidels.

While the president is right in the assertion that we need to get tough on the terrorists, he went on to make a series of very vague and toothless proposals to fundamentally transform our nation’s security such as “strengthening our analytical process” and distributing our intelligence reports “more rapidly and more widely.” John Wayne he is not!

To be fair, communicating the threat has been a problem and it is nice to see Mr. Obama try to correct it. Homeland Security Secretary Janet Napolitano had no problem “widely” and “rapidly” distributing her report from earlier this year in which we were told to cower in fear from pro-life activists and Bible-believing Christians who have the Jesus fish on their cars.

For some reason, however, since then Ms. Napolitano has been unable to get the word out (or in many cases even get the memo herself) that Muslims are still trying to kill us via worldwide Jihad. This even after the father of one such zealot comes to our embassy to warn us or one of our military’s psychologists preaches Jihad to anyone who will listen and becomes a pen pal with a radical Imam associated with al Qaeda.

On CNN, the esteemed Homeland Security Chief boasted just days after the Christmas Day attempted attack that, “Right now we have no evidence that this incident was part of anything larger.” Mr. Abdulmatallab’s father would beg to differ. So would the fine folks in Yemen who trained him and lovingly stitched the explosives into his undies. Details that most of us heard on Christmas day when the story broke. Perhaps Ms. Napolitano was too busy staking out James Dobson to notice.

“I’d like to point out today that the system worked,” Napolitano further asserted of the incident where we were warned about a known terrorist trainee, allowed him on a plane without an air marshal, somehow missed the explosives in his undies and had to rely on a brave passenger to stop him (and the plane) from exploding as his crotch was on fire.

Time and time again this administration through both word and deed, has demonstrated that national security isn’t their forte. Mr. Obama’s stilted and robotic response to the Christmas Day attack only further destroyed his credibility in this area.

Even though he has finally acknowledged that mistakes were made, he still seems unwilling or unable to make the tough choices necessary to keep our nation safe. People in the field of foreign policy are often classified as either “hawks” for their aggressive stance on national security and engaging our enemy or “doves” for their desire for a false peace where America retreats within her borders and hopes that the bad guys leave us alone. Obama’s folks would merit a third classification, that of the “ostriches” who are unable or unwilling to see evil for what it is. May this incident be an eye-opening experience for our ostrich-led administration, and may brave “hawks” like Dick Cheney talk some sense into this great American sleeping giant.