The 9/11 Terror Trial: Obama's "Blame America" Tour

South Park was once nominated for an academy award for their song “Blame Canada!”

President Barack Hussein Obama and his fellow Jihad apologist Attorney General Eric Holder are hoping to repeat on that success with their newest smash hit “Blame America” starring 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed, a plethora of top secret national security documents, Dick Cheney, waterboarding, and the glory of Jihad.

Their smash hit, however, has the potential to kill more than just “Kenny.”

The world’s preeminent community organizer and his CAIR (see also sponsor of terrorists like Hamas) loving Attorney General have decided that trying the mastermind of the 9/11 terrorist attacks in the criminal justice system is the best way to move forward and defend the nation. Absolutely. Giving an insane Muslim terrorist a pulpit from which to preach to the world about the glory of Jihad and the “religion of peace” while slamming America is a great idea. Perhaps Khalid will get his own reality show. Keeping up with the Jihadists, sounds great. One can almost imagine the hilarity that will ensue as the sleeper cells scramble around America plotting her demise, while acting like victims of “anti-Islamites.”

It is really a masterful stroke of cost-cutting. The Obama White House will be able to cut down on their communications budget as KSM will be doing all of the trash-talking about America for them. (Not to be outdone in that arena, Mr. Obama is currently bowing to the Emperor of Japan and apologizing for the United States winning World War II, while allowing a bunch of third world nations to beat up America on “green” standards that they have no intention of imposing upon themselves.) Come to think of it, Communications Director and Mao enthusiast Anita Dunn is leaving the administration this month, perhaps the anti-American propaganda production has already been outsourced to our peace-loving KSM?

The move will also save money on al Qaeda’s recruiting and public relations budget. Both the public trial of this peace-loving follower of Allah, and the scores of terrorists that they will be importing from Guantanamo Bay to places like Illinois will help with the recruiting of new sleeper cells. Despite pleas from the governor of Illinois, Obama’s clear-thinking common sense folks think that importing 200 terrorists to a prison in northern Illinois is the way to go. (That’s one way to get around immigration Barry!) No word yet on whether or not they will be enrolling them in flight school.

In this sense, the Obama administration could actually begin collecting a small fee for their work as the public relations wing of al Qaeda (to help offset the cost of universal healthcare, of course!)

Following in the wisdom of crazed kept man and narcissistic Vietnam war “hero,” (if he does say so himself) John Kerry, Obama prefers to see terrorism as a mere law-enforcement issue. He’s already ditched the term “War on Terror” in favor of the ever-menacing and impressive “overseas contingency operations” (that will scare the poop out of the Muslim filth plotting the violent demise of Western civilization!)

He’s also done his best to pick up the spirits of the Taliban in Afghanistan by dithering about whether or not to actually send more troops to their country. Once banished to the mountains, these savages are already licking their chops at the women and children they will get to slaughter thanks to Comrade Obama’s cowardice and ineptitude. Obama also continues to undercut the government of Afghanistan by pondering aloud whether or not they are worth defending, while undermining troop morale by refusing the repeated requests of their generals for the tools to finish the job. In fact, the only face time he’s even given his commanding general is when he stopped sharing his life story during his European trip (and failed bid for) the 2016 Olympics for about 30 minutes, and then only to chastise him for speaking out publicly about the lack of support from our Commander-in-Chief.

Moving the trial to NYC will only make matters worse for America’s safety. As the editors of the National Review put it:

“It is difficult to quantify how dangerously foolish this course is. As they demonstrated in offering to plead guilty while bragging about their atrocities, KSM and his cohorts don’t want a trial so much as they want a soapbox to press their grievances against the United States and the West. With no real defense to the charges, they will endeavor to put America on trial, pressing the court for expansive discovery of government intelligence files. Having gratuitously exposed classified information on interrogation tactics and other sensitive matters in order to pander to Obama’s base, the Justice Department will be in a poor position to argue against broad disclosure, even if it were so inclined. As the court orders more and more revelations, potential intelligence sources and foreign spy services will develop even graver doubts about our capacity to keep secrets. They will reduce their intelligence cooperation accordingly, and the nation will be dramatically more vulnerable.”

So peace-loving follower of Allah, KSM, will not so much defend himself as he will attack us. It will be the proverbial rapist taking the stand to trash the victim for being such a “slut.” We’ll hear about water-boarding, the evil of Dick Cheney, the evils of America, some more about water-boarding, and some revealing of confidential information and sources, all under the guise of a fair trial for the man who willingly boasts to all who will listen about his role of “mastermind” in the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

For all his faults, President Bush at least kept this nation safe after the horrific events of September 11, 2001. By putting this nation on a war footing, President Bush rightly understood the stakes and the ongoing threat to our nation’s security.

It would be nice to have a president that defended America and viewed al Qaeda as a bigger threat to America than personal liberty and the free market. At least Attorney General Holder will have something to boast about to CAIR the next time he gets all warm and fuzzy with them.

So while this might be a win-win for the Obama administration and al Qaeda, it is certainly a disaster for the United States of America. Having our intelligence sources and information flapping in the breeze for all to see while providing a pulpit for KSM and our new neighbors from Gitmo will only further promote Jihad on our soil and abroad. (Although Obama’s fear will be anti-Islamic persecution and not further indoctrination of future home-grown terrorists.)

What a wonderful place for our president to put us as a nation. He has already done his best to destroy the free market system and the concept of personal liberty in favor of European-style socialism, and now he promises to do the same for national security.

This latest decision by the Obama/Mao administration is a travesty and an affront to all of those folks who lost their lives on September 11, 2001 at the hands of the religion of peace and its mouthpiece Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. It’s enough to make, as the wise sage Toby Keith sings, the Statue of Liberty start “shaking her fist.”

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