The World According To Obama: See No Jihad, Hear No Jihad

First, a bit of a rarity around these parts. A compliment to the President. His words at today’s Fort Hood ceremony were appropriate and compassionate. He actually found a way to talk about someone other than himself. Good for him.

Unfortunately, he failed to mention the crazed Islamic Jihad that clearly fueled “religion of peace” adherent Major Nadal Malik Hasan to slaughter 13 folks (actually 14 as the one woman was pregnant) in cold-blood while screaming praises to Allah. The failure to identify the real and growing threat of militant Islam underscores why Mr. Obama is not equipped to keep this nation safe in a time of worldwide Jihad.

When asked by ABC’s Jake Tapper, the president refused to call the Jihad of Fort Hood an act of terrorism. Instead, he stuttered his way through the following drivel:

“In a country of 300 million people, uh, there are going to be acts of violence that are inexplicable, even within the extraordinary m-military that we have.  Uh, and, uh, I think everybody understands how outstanding the young men and women in uniform are under the most severe stress.  There are going to instances, uh, in which, uh, an individual cracks.”

An individual cracks? Really, is that the best conclusion you can make after looking at the totality of the evidence that suggests he was a crazed Islamic Jihadist doing his best to promote the “religion of peace” by slaughtering infidels?

Mr. Obama would caution us to “not jump to conclusions” regarding Hasan’s motivation.
We must be cautious and slow to anger, just like he was in the case of the Cambridge police. (Perhaps he will have a future beer summit with Major Hasan.) While immediately “shocked” and “horrified” by the senseless murder of late-term abortion provider Dr.Tiller, his rhetoric on the Fort Hood tragedy has been much more reserved and his sense of clarity and outrage much more subdued. While his administration began immediately cautioning folks to be on the look out for crazed right-wing extremists who are a grave and growing threat to the nation because of the murder of one abortion provider, the same folks are now weeping and rocking back and forth in the public square lamenting the future “persecution” of Muslims by the hands of those crazed blood-thirsty Americans instead of cautioning about sleeper cells and Jihad.

And rightfully so. After all, Americans fly planes filled with innocent people in them into buildings filled with innocent people. They also strap bombs to their chests and blow up malls, night clubs, and restaurants. The also make plans to blow up Fort Dix in New Jersey. They also blow up trains in Spain and England. Oh, wait, those were all Muslims. Sorry.

Of course, how could we possibly know what motivated Hasan? Sure, in what should be a red flag, Hasan was pen pals with an al Qaeda-associated Imam who was banished from the U.S. and sent to Yemen. Sure, as ABC reports today, the U.S. was well aware that the saintly peace-loving follower of Islam was trying to establish contact with al Qaeda. Sure, there is a very well documented history of proselytizing his patients, and of making various public and private rants and power point presentations making the case for Jihad and calling for the military to excuse Muslims from the horror of fighting against other Muslims. That’s just not enough to make his enigmatic thinking clear, we need a real smoking gun (like the one in his hands as he screamed praises to “Allah” while killing people in cold blood.)

What should be painfully obvious to anyone, is all murky and confusing to the Obama administration. So murky, in fact, that at the same time, our clear-headed Attorney General is speaking to a militant Islamic (see also Jihad apologist) group named CAIR. CAIR, of course, is banned by the FBI for it’s very real and very clear-cut connections to the terrorist group Hamas. Attorney General Eric Holder, however, feels that Jihad is at best not threatening to America and at worst, something worth lending credibility to as he reaches out to this wonderful organization of peace.

Obama and the host of Mao enthusiasts that surround him in the White House, don’t see a world with good and evil. Everything is murky. Want to wage Jihad and slaughter women and children? That’s not necessarily bad. After all, those Israelis won’t give up more of their land to those peace-loving (see also homicidal) Palestinians, while America is greedy and “downright mean.” So let al Qaeda and Hamas thrive, let the Muslim pirates continue their profitable racket by kidnapping folks, and let no man criticize them or risk being labeled an “anti-Islamite” hate-monger.

As the many comments to my previous column regarding Fort Hood would suggest, people feel an immense need to point out the wonders of Islam. Don’t criticize Islam because a thousand years ago Christians (who are all now dead) waged a Crusade and once every decade or so a misguided pro-life activist goes crazy and guns down an abortion doctor (with plenty of very vocal condemnation from Christian leaders.) And those Jews, well, they have the nerve to defend themselves against their blood-thirsty neighbors.

Islam, however, remains strangely silent as their fellow Muslims attack the Western world to slaughter as many “infidels” as possible. Either because of fear or because of a passive agreement to the thrill of Jihad, the folks in Islam who claim that terrorists don’t represent them do a very poor job of speaking out against it. They take more offense at people pointing out the facts over their very bloody religion than at the folks within their religion who are using Allah as a code name for “savage bloodbath.” Perhaps if they spent their time attacking their Jihadic cousins instead of chastising alleged “anti-Islamites,” (see also people who don’t like terrorism) we could rid ourselves of Jihad.

Mr. Obama, however, doesn’t view Jihad as something threatening. His rather laid-back approach to the War in Afghanistan bears that out. (Rumor has it that he’s about to finally agree to sending more troops, if that is true, he is to be commended and supported on this.) Of course to listen to the wise Communist sage (and Environmentalist Movement leader) Mikhail Gorbachev, America should just turn and run in the War on Terror (see also Overseas Contingency Operations) as we can’t win. Gorbachev, you’ll remember, famously attempted to stare down Ronald Reagan during the Cold War and went down to humiliating ruin and defeat as Reagan brought down the glorious Communist regime of the USSR. So, while he is personally intimately familiar with failure, he probably shouldn’t be trusted for foreign policy advice.

It’s not just Jihad, however, that Obama is fuzzy on. He seems to lack an understanding of history and the realities of the worldwide struggle between freedom and oppression. Nowhere is this more evident, than his failure to attend the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. President Ronald Reagan famously chided the previously mentioned failed Commie Dictator Gorbachev while standing in the shadow of the “iron curtain” to “Tear down this wall!” Shortly thereafter, freedom won over tyranny and the wall came down. It was a tremendous victory for freedom and a devastating blow to the evil of Communism. It had been a goal of American presidents, Democrat and Republican for decades, and it marked a dramatic turning of the wheel of history thanks to a little prodding by Reagan and Thatcher.

Being surrounded by Mao enthusiasts, however, Mr. Obama doesn’t understand this. Communism to him is not evil, nor is the fall of the Berlin wall anything important. In fact, in a brief videotaped statement played at the ceremony, Mr. Obama spoke of himself rather than the unification and liberation of Germany as the highlight of the occasion. He narcissistically remarked that “ Few would have foreseen…that their American ally would be led by a man of African descent. But human destiny is what human beings make of it.”

Right. The fall of the Berlin Wall was but a prelude to the glorious arrival of Barack Hussein Obama (mmm mmm mmm).

Noticeably absent from both the videotaped self-worship of Obama and the speech by the woefully underused Secretary of State Clinton, was any reference to Ronald Reagan or Margaret Thatcher. You know, the folks that actually had a hand in causing the wall to fall? No, no, this is a time to speak metaphorically about the “walls” that Mr. Obama’s election brought down. Yes, because everyone in the world judges their history by Mr. Obama’s achievements, as all other living beings pale in comparison to the wonder of Obama.

President Obama should have been at the wall. Admittedly, it is difficult for him to make time for events that are not all about him, but sometimes a president needs to make sacrifices. His absence further underscores how painfully blind America is to the reality of our global situation.

The world according to President Obama is one where there is no good and evil, and America is just another “average” nation among the multitudes. In his world, there is no “shining city on a hill” and no threat of terrorism. The world according to Obama is a world devoid of common sense and moral clarity. It is a world that our founders wouldn’t recognize. It is a world desperately in need of another bold defender of freedom like the late great Ronald Reagan. May God see fit to send us another such happy warrior to re-light the beacon of freedom for a world in need.

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