The Political Obituary Of Jon "Speedy" Corzine

New Jersey elected Republican Chris Christie on Tuesday in the largest statewide victory for a Republican in decades. Come to think of it, it was a margin of 5 points. Someone predicted in a previous column that the margin of victory for Christie would be 5-6 points. Interesting.

So, exactly how and why did this incumbent Democratic governor in perhaps one of the bluest states in the nation go down to defeat? There are many reasons for the befuddled governor’s defeat. After examining the entrails of the Corzine political corpse, however, it appears that there are 3 main reasons that point to Corzine’s defeat. And yes, Obama does factor into the political death of Jon Corzine, despite his laughable attempts to say otherwise.

So, the first reason that Jon Corzine was defeated was President Barack Obama. Of course, he has no idea who Jon Corzine is, and has never EVER been to this state to campaign for him. (Also predicted in a previous column.) Those 5 or so rallies that he held for Corzine and the other 2 that Joe Biden held for him didn’t happen. They are a mean-spirited attack by the vast right-wing conspiracy. He wasn’t campaigning for Corzine, He was just here for a date with Michelle in Newark. People come from miles away to go on dates in Newark.

Who doesn’t choose to travel all the way to Newark for a date? If you said you, then you are racist. You represent, as Reverend Wright calls it, “Land of the greed and the home of the slave.”

So Obama had no idea who Jon Corzine was or that he was running for re-election. Then, on the night of the election, even before the results were known, the esteemed social reject and White House Press Secretary, Mr. Gibbs, announced that Obama had no interest in what happened in Virginia and New Jersey. It wasn’t important. He wasn’t going to watch the returns. He had more pressing matters. No, you war-monger, not getting around to making a decision on Afghanistan, it was the Chicago Bulls game.

This, of course, was in stark contrast to Obama’s previous pronouncements regarding the New Jersey election. While in the Garden State during the ancient time period of November 1, 2009, Obama unknowingly happened upon a Corzine rally. Clearly unaware of who Jon Corzine was and wholly indifferent to whether he won or not, Obama had the following to say, “He’s one of the best partners I have in the White House. We work together. We know our work is far from over.” This was in addition to Joe Biden’s previous pronouncement that if we liked the government stimulus we should thank Jon Corzine, because it was his idea.

Now, to be fair, Obama was just there for a date and accidentally stumbled into the rally and found himself in front of a TelePrompter. We know from experience that Obama feels compelled to read whatever those little panes of glass scroll for him. Perhaps he just read the line without thinking a la his lying to a graduating class of Russian economists about how he met his wife, his thanking himself in a speech before realizing that the speech was someone else’s, and the deer-caught-in-the-headlights stare that resulted from his TelePrompter crashing to its death during one of his hum-dingers of a speech.

As Save Jersey blogger-in-chief Matt Rooney notes about the leader of the free (soon to be socialist) world:

“You visited New Jersey, held rallies, blasted out emails of support and recorded radio ads to buoy Jon Corzine’s floundering reelection campaign. You locked arms — ideologically and literally — with a failed governing experiment sporting a sweater vest. You told us that this bearded hippie in a bad tie was a necessary “partner” in the battle to fulfill your agenda. Unhesitatingly, you campaigned with him on health care reform, the economy, jobs, and other hotly-debated topics with profound statewide and national implications.”

So, despite Mr. Gibbs and Mr. Axelrod’s best efforts to white-wash the past, it should be clear to any rational observer that Obama was a big player in this campaign. In fact, as we noted earlier, there were billboards all over the New Jersey landscape featuring Obama and Corzine. Obama’s name and image were more prominent. The tag line called for New Jersey voters to “keep it going.” Obama (and Corzine largely under duress from Obama’s political operatives who had usurped control of his campaign–in the most disinterested and unknowing way of course) did everything in their power to link the two liberal icons.

To then turn around and say that Corzine’s defeat by 5 points in New Jersey, the state which voted for Mr. Obama just last year by 15 points, is irrelevant to the Obama agenda is foolish. Obama wasn’t the only reason, but he sure did everything he could to make this state’s election a referendum on himself–and Corzine still lost badly.

To be fair, another main reason for Corzine’s demise is that he was an unbelievably terrible governor. Early in his tenure, he even alienated many of the unions by trying to raid their pensions. Sure, since then these lovebirds got back together, but a number of union folks felt betrayed and chose not to back the disheveled mess of a governor. Corzine couldn’t campaign on one single thing. In every way success or failure can be measured for a state, his administration failed spectacularly. There wasn’t a single area, even after getting “creative” that Corzine could point to with pride. The people of New Jersey are a communist bunch, but even they have their limits. Without a single area of positive accomplishment to highlight, Corzine’s Obama-run campaign was then reduced to campaigning on Christie’s waistline. As a result, the people of NJ finally saw fit to break free from the chains of the failed Obama-Corzine socialism.

The third and final reason behind Corzine’s massive loss was his opponent. Chris Christie may not have been the best statewide candidate ever (that was Bret Schundler) but he was solid. A solid conservative agenda was promoted as opposed to the “winning” and often sought-after moderate agenda of New Jersey Republicans. Christie offered a real alternative to the liberal Democratic agenda, as opposed to the cheap rip-off that the New Jersey GOP usually serves up. He also has a long career of “going rogue” and fighting corruption in both parties. He is the man we need for a time such as this.

In the end, Jon Corzine failed because he was the sleazy kept man of the corrupt New Jersey political machine of George Norcross, and the sidekick to Obama-style socialism. He failed because conservatism triumphed. He failed because the people of New Jersey pushed back and told the menacing liberal overlords currently threatening our way of life to “keep the change.”

Thus the elected political career of Jon “Speedy” Corzine comes to an end, having been done in by an over-eager (and complete stranger) president pushing an unpopular socialist revolution, a personal record of complete failure, and an actual conservative opponent. Perhaps now would be a good time to introduce himself to complete stranger Barack Obama, as there are surely several un-elected and unaccountable socialist “czarships” open.

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