In Shih Drug-bust & Toll Hike Fantasy, Corzine Channels Obama

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In a previous column, it was revealed that Obama political operatives had hijacked the Corzine campaign in a desperate move to save the befuddled New Jersey Governor from himself. This week, it has become increasingly clear that Obama’s henchmen have indeed re-programmed Jon Corzine successfully. David Axelrod must be so proud!

First this week, we had the thrilling glimpse of our future under the governance of Corzine Version 2.0 when Mr. Corzine made like Joe Biden and produced a gaffe that would end the career of any other politician. In the tradition of Joe Biden’s description of higher taxes as “patriotic” and Mr. Obama’s off-the-cuff remark to Joe the plumber that he wants to “spread the wealth around” a la Karl Marx, comes Corzine’s resurrection of a NJ toll hike. In an interview with the New York “Obama” Times, our esteemed governor admitted a willingness to bring back a proposal that would raise tolls by some 800%.

To quote the Times, “The Democratic governor, Jon S. Corzine, says he may revisit his plan to lease the New Jersey Turnpike to raise cash — a proposal that he abandoned last year in the face of intense opposition from lawmakers and voters.”

The people of New Jersey stopped Corzine’s tax hike fantasy last time. With his re-programming by the good folks at the Obama/Mao administration, however, he will soon be demonizing all of those folks who stand in opposition to his plan as “racist” “angry mobs” who are somehow “inauthentic” while charging ahead with the radical plans anyway (it’s the Obama way after all!)

So, like Obama, Corzine just can’t help himself when it comes to getting his grubby paws on your money. He knows he shouldn’t admit it, but somehow he gets all caught up in the moment of reaching into your wallet that he has occasional bouts of verbal diarrhea. Of course, once the great “wizard of Wall Street” realized that his internal monologue was accidentally verbalized, he quickly recanted in hopes of duping the over-taxed folks of New Jersey who aren’t making plans to re-locate to North Dakota.

In another Obama-like move, the hapless Corzine campaign had to deny one of its own this week as he was arrested for possession of ecstasy. Imagine the panic in the Corzine-Weinberg Campaign HQ as they got the call:

POLICE: “Um, we have your Deputy Assistant Campaign Director Jason Shih here, and he’s not going to make the rally with President Obama.”

OBAMA/CORZINE OPERATIVE: “Oh man, why? That Jason is such a good man! We’re all big fans of his work. We were thrilled to recruit him for the Corzine campaign as we have been following his work for some time.”

POLICE: “Well, he is in possession of ecstasy. It was right next to his pass for the Obama rally.”

OBAMA/CORZINE OPERATIVE: “Wait, who are we talking about?”

POLICE: “Campaign Assistant Deputy Director Jason Shih, it says so right on his credentials that we found in this Corzine-Weinberg rented vehicle that he was driving. “

OBAMA/CORZINE OPERATIVE: “I’m sorry, we’ve never heard of anyone named Jason Shih. He’s certainly no official with this campaign (inaudible whispering in the background says something like, “quick, remove him from the payroll and the website, let’s put a burn notice on him.”) I am afraid you must be mistaken.”

POLICE: “He’s been emphatically telling us who he is in an attempt to get out of the ticket, sir, and he has all the credentials to prove it.”

OBAMA/CORZINE OPERATIVE: “Well, I can assure you, even if we did know a Jason Shih, this is certainly not the Jason Shih we knew. Good day sir.”

Now, if many of the lines sounded like a repeat to you, it is because they were. The Corzine campaign’s sudden amnesia where their former aide is concerned is eerily similar to the plethora of similar reactions uttered by Obama each time one of his close associates/aides/spiritual mentors/political benefactors/appointees turns out to be racist/terrorist/anti-semitic/socialist/communist/anti-American/a tax evader. Obama couldn’t remember his association with ACORN or Van Jones. He also had no idea that Geithner and Daschle didn’t pay taxes. He had no clue that Rev. Wright hated America, “them Jews” or white people in general. He had no idea Ayers was a terrorist. He had no idea that Valerie Jarrett, Van Jones, Mark Lloyd, Anita Dunn, Cass Sunstein, Carol Browner, the good folks at NEA, et al were socialists and/or admired dictators.

So, ever the good soldier, Corzine has taken the same approach. His campaign aide is arrested with drugs, and the only rational way to deal with it is to pretend you have no idea who the lad is. Doing their part, the lapdog media then removes any reference to the story and pulls a Charlie Gibson in pretending to have no idea what you speak of when you bring up the story.

The events of the past week have shown Corzine to be quite the apprentice of Obama type governance. What a fun four years await us if our esteemed governor is re-elected. We don’t have the luxury of pretending that we don’t know him when he embarrasses us further on the national stage. All we will be able to do is shrug and apologize to the nation for our imbecilic choice.

Of course, this can all be avoided by voting Christie on Tuesday.

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