Dems Desperate Here in NJ: Corzine Hiding behind Obama

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Jon “Speedy” Corzine, the failed governor of New Jersey, in a last ditch move to hold on to power, is trying to fool New Jersey voters into thinking Obama is on the ballot. Of course, it’s unclear as to why that would even be a good thing. President Obama has experienced the largest approval rating drop in 50 years and is far from the captivating candidate of 2008. In the latest Rasmussen poll, his approval is down to a mere 49%.  He now stands as one of the most polarizing figures in the nation, and one, who on most issues, is completely at odds with the majority of the American people.

That should tell you how pathetic Corzine is. Billboards cover the NJ landscape urging us to “Keep it going” and listing OBAMA / Corzine as the candidates. Someone better tell Joe Biden that he’s been replaced as the Vice President. Either Corzine is moving up in the world, or someone better stop looking for Obama’s birth certificate and verify that he’s a resident of New Jersey before he gets elected as our state’s governor by accident!

Never has a statewide candidate for office (particularly an incumbent) worked so hard to hide himself behind one of his party’s national leaders in order to fool voters into voting for him. Candidates have always tried to tie themselves to popular national leaders in their party while distancing themselves from unpopular or polarizing ones, but not typically to the point that the candidate himself hides from the public. Of course when you run your mouth about raising taxes, fat people, and telling the folks in your state to move out if they don’t like your grubby paws in their wallet, you might want to find a new way to promote yourself.

The president, who lacks the time or energy to come up with and follow-through on a coherent Afghanistan policy, nor apparently the time to screen any of his nominees for their radical beliefs and tax evasion problems, has nonetheless cleared the schedule for Corzine. Corzine shouldn’t feel special, however, as our glorious leader (and closeted Mao enthusiast) has made time for 22 fundraisers so far this year. By comparison, divisive layabout George W. Bush attended a whopping 6 fundraisers in his entire first year. Now admittedly, Bush did view national security as somewhat of a priority, while Obama views it as a nuisance that stands in the way of socialized medicine and the permanent campaign.

Obama’s visits here actually speak more of the fear over a Corzine loss than of any confidence in his inevitable victory on November 3. The Obama/Mao administration has really only two statewide elections this year, and the Democratic candidate for governor in Virginia is currently running about a thousand points behind the Republican. So, with no hope of victory in Virginia (or the state-formerly-known-as-Obama-country) the Obama/Mao administration has chosen to demonize Fox News, ignore national security and go all in in New Jersey, hoping for a last minute surge in dead and repeat voters to put Jon Corzine over the top. That and the glorious third party gun-toting creature known as Daggett, who may or may not have a job offer to join the Corzine administration for his efforts to ensure his re-election, or perhaps a “czarship” under Obama. The “Green Jobs Czar” position should be open.

All the Democrats have been here trying to prop up New Jersey’s own “Weekend At Bernies” corpse of a governor. Even the ever-faithful Bill Clinton has been here. Hillary hasn’t, but then she’s probably busy with all of those trips to the few insignificant countries that Obama doesn’t have special envoys for.

In fact, these days it seems like Chris Christie is running against the entire Democratic party except for Jon Corzine. Voters are not, however, voting for any of these more popular Democrats. They are voting for Corzine (well, that is the 35-40 percent of the folks who actually are voting for him, as opposed to the 60-65 percent casting ballots for someone else.) The sad reality for state Democrats is that this is their “hold your nose and pull the lever” election. Corzine is the crazy old uncle nobody owns up to, but has to sit next to at Thanksgiving dinner just the same.

Don’t read too much into Obama’s frequent stops in the state. The Democrats are anything but confident. On the outside, they have to be. The second the election is over, and Corzine has to start making transition plans with Governor-elect Christie, the Obama/Mao administration will begin their slash and burn strategy. It will make their treatment of Fox News look charitable by comparison.

Today it is all, “I love me some Jon Corzine. Can’t get enough of the guy! Why in the senate we were like two pea in a pod. What a great chief executive you folks have, New Jersey sure is lucky. Do you know how much residents in other states would give to pay the amount of taxes you do?” After November 3, it will be all, “I did my best, but this isn’t a reflection on me because Jon Corzine was a weak candidate. Actually, he’s a dirtbag. I never really liked him anyway. I just happened to live in the same neighborhood with him. He isn’t the Jon Corzine I knew. Also, it’s George Bush’s fault.” Disheveled mess Corzine will then be left for dead in the political wilderness as he waits for Frank Lautenberg to finally meet his maker so that he can re-claim his senate seat.

Speaking of Corzine’s viability as a candidate, the Courier-Post rightly noted that, “Corzine’s record is clear, and as a result he shouldn’t even be in the discussion as a gubernatorial preference. His first term in office has been a total failure. Taxes have continued to skyrocket, and any attempts at spending reforms have been minimal and to negligible effect.”

The Courier-Post went on to endorse Chris Christie for governor, saying that, “If voters genuinely want to change the reckless, unethical culture of Trenton…Chris Christie should be the clear choice as the only candidate exhibiting the courage to meaningfully talk about what the state can’t afford.”

Finally, a note about polling. As a volunteer in the Christie Whitman for Governor campaign of 1993, yours truly had some experience with polls and their inaccuracies. Statewide the public polling right up to the election of 1993 had Florio winning re-election by a comfortable margin, with many polls in double digit leads for the tax-raising clown. A few days before the election as we campaigned with Whitman and the late Jack Kemp in Camden, the then-chairman of the Camden County GOP told me in confidence that the internal campaign polling revealed a 1 point lead for Whitman. No other public poll to my knowledge picked that up. Yet on election day, Whitman stunned the state by winning by about 1 point.

Public polling in New Jersey isn’t always the most accurate. Additionally, they typically favor the Democats. The last minute visits by the Democratic heavy-weights smack more of desperation than confidence. This election is still very much in play. With Daggett’s recent run-in with the law and accusations of a back-room deal between Corzine and Daggett, look for the third party total to diminish. Those anti-Corzine folks are going to return to Christie and this state will have its first real shot at conservative reform in decades.

And if not, you would be wise to start selling “Don’t Blame Me I Voted For Christie” bumper stickers and real estate in North Dakota.