Obama's New Afghanistan & Sudan Policies: Cowardice Unbecoming A President of the United States

Two Presidents: One a leader, and one…not so much:

It has now been nearly 3 months that our glorious leader, Nobel Peace Prize Winner Barack Hussein Obama, has been mulling over what to do in Afghanistan. It’s more than past time to put up or shut up.

In the words of Sarah Palin: “Now is not the time for cold feet, second thoughts, or indecision — it is the time to act as commander-in-chief and approve the troops so clearly needed in Afghanistan.”

Of course, this stunning lack of leadership shouldn’t surprise anyone. Instead of serious men and women leading our nation on the very serious issues of the day (including of course, the life or death situation our troops have faced every day of this three month period of indecision) we have children. The childish and dangerously naive folks leading our brave men and women in battle have the courage of overcooked spaghetti and the vision of a 90 year old glaucoma patient.

Of course, last year, perennial candidate Obama was sure of what to do in Afghanistan. In fact, Obama boldly declared that “The Afghan government needs to do more. But we have to understand that the situation is precarious and urgent here in Afghanistan. And I believe this has to be our central focus, the central front, on our battle against terrorism.”

He went on to say that it was for this reason that “for over a year” he had been advocating for additional troops in Afghanistan. Interestingly enough, Obama has now spent over three months indecisively debating something that he once spent “over a year” advocating and saw as a crystal clear truth, It’s probably Bush’s fault.

This failure to lead doesn’t stop on the killing fields of Afghanistan, as Moe Lane reports, it carries over to the genocidal mayhem of the Sudan. You may remember that trying to sound brave and strong, the child wonder known as Obama declared during the campaign that he would deal harshly with the genocidal maniacs running the Sudan by imposing tougher sanctions and creating a no-fly zone over the country. How brave of Obama! Of course, as with any number of his campaign “promises” (also known as blatant lies used to trick the American people into thinking him a rational and capable leader) Obama has said one thing and done another.

The new approach? Appeasement. Nothing stops genocide like standing by and politely asking the genocidal madmen conducting the bloody campaign to stop. While this is a wildly popular approach to Obama’s intimates (one can almost see Bill Ayers, Reverend Wright, Louis Farrakhan and Professor Khalidi raising a glass of Allah-blessed bubbly in celebration over this thrilling display of catering to Muslim dictators) most Americans, and indeed, “citizens of the world” should be horrified.

Even Obama himself should be horrified. Presidential candidate and skilled TelePrompter reader Obama boldly stated the following about Sudan’s genocidal regime last year: “We know from past experience that it will take a great deal to get them to do the right thing.” Apparently while it was a universally acknowledged truth declared by Obama in 2008, in 2009 we no longer know from past experience that only force will get Sudan to comply.

You’ll remember that President George W. Bush was chastised for not taking a harder stance against the Sudanese genocide (even while being chastised for taking too hard a stand against Iraq’s genocidal regime). So far, those folks have been largely silent on Obama’s move to get even softer than Bush on the Sudan atrocities. Perhaps the “negotiations” with Iran proved so fertile in their success (what with Iran still defiantly pursuing nuclear weaponry and shooting rockets off into the night sky) that Obama felt (quite rationally) that this approach would also succeed in Sudan.

Perhaps Obama’s next memoir could be proudly titled “Genocides I Have Enabled While Winning Nobel Peace Prizes.”

Getting back to the insanity in Afghanistan, we were reminded this weekend once again of why America didn’t elect John Kerry president. Defending the indefensible new policy on Afghanistan, John “I did vote for the 87 billion before I voted against it” Kerry proclaimed today that Obama is right to tarry on the war. You see, it just isn’t right according to the wise sage and kept man Kerry, to proceed with any plans until we know what kind of government will be in place after the latest election is resolved.

Right, because whatever it is, it will cause us to look longingly back at the good ole’ days of the Taliban. Abandoning a fledgling democracy while the Taliban is re-building and ready to strike sounds like a good idea too. Perhaps by allowing Afghani women and children to suffer again under the brutal Muslim regime of the Taliban, causing terrorist training camps to re-open, and bringing 9/11: the sequel to a city near you, Obama will win another Nobel Peace Prize.

In fact, the cowardly trust fund senator John Kerry also said today that, “The threat of failure of the Afghan government is empowering the Taliban to be able to recruit people because of frustration and distrust.”

Right, and the best way to handle that problem is to pave the way for the Taliban by retreating. That sounds just like what General George Washington said to the Continental Army in August of 1776:

“The time is now near at hand which must probably determine whether Americans are to be freemen or slaves; whether they are to have any property they can call their own; whether their houses and farms are to be pillaged and destroyed, and themselves consigned to a state of wretchedness from which no human efforts will deliver them. The fate of unborn millions will now depend, under God, on the courage and conduct of this army. Our cruel and unrelenting enemy leaves us only the choice of brave resistance, or the most abject submission. We have, therefore, to resolve to conquer or die.”

If only Washington had the keen insight of Obama and basked in cowardice while waiting to see what the result might be before proceeding.

Men and women have died, and are indeed, still dying on a regular basis in Afghanistan. They deserve leadership not cowardice and indecision. Their ultimate sacrifices need not be in vain. General McChrystal has the plan for victory, all Obama has to do is provide the necessary tools, and yet he remains vexed and paralyzed by both a deep-seated hatred of American military might and pressure from the extremist left-wing nutbags that elected him. Great military leaders throughout America’s history have fought bravely for freedom without knowing the future. Obama’s political hero FDR didn’t wait to know what governments would be in place before taking down the brutal regimes of Nazi Germany and Hirohito’s Japan. Obama’s self-proclaimed doppleganger, Abraham Lincoln, had no idea what the federal government would look like post-Civil War, and yet he boldly faced down the challenges of his day.

And of course examples in the valor of American presidents dates back to our first American President, George Washington, who did not cower in fear while prosecuting the Revolutionary War. In fact, his correspondence with John Adams and other folks from the Continental Congress makes clear the level of uncertainty as to what a free America would ultimately look like, and yet Washington didn’t blink in the face of war.  In fact, less than a year before the end of the war, Washington famously stated that “what may be in the womb of fate is very uncertain,” regarding America’s unclear future.

Still, he forged ahead and turned the wheel of history. Washington, unlike Obama, saw evil for what it was and confronted it. Unable to predict the future, Washington nonetheless knew that the oppression at the hands of the British government must be stopped no matter the cost. In fact, it was quite prevalent in the minds of many American colonists that the new American government may become a military dictatorship under General Washington or a monarchy with a King George of their very own. Nonetheless the folks of the revolution, ably led by the man known as General Washington bravely forged ahead.

Waiting to know the outcome before taking a stand isn’t leadership, it’s the worst kind of political opportunism and reveals a stunning lack of vision. And we know all too well that where there is a lack of vision, people perish.

There is an overwhelming void of leadership created in America today by the election of Barack Hussein Obama. His waffling, indecision, and indeed cowardice in Afghanistan are costing countless American lives while simultaneously putting the lives of the newly freed Afghanis at greater risk of future oppression and subjugation by the brutal “peace-loving” Muslims of the Taliban.

His failure to lead is a horrific step backward for human rights and freedom, and totally unbecoming of an American president.