Poll Says Corruption Dooms Corzine's Re-Election (Unless Enough Dead Folks Vote!)

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According to the latest Quinnipiac Poll, Republican Chris Christie has increased his lead over Governor Jon “Speedy” Corzine to 10 points. The poll now finds Christie with 47% and Corzine with 37%. This has to be disappointing to the Corzine campaign, who has spent much of the last month spinning tall tales about the evil corruption in Christie’s career, which so far consists of a speeding ticket, a personal loan to help out a friend in need and a few phone calls with Karl Rove.

The ethically-challenged Corzine, who surrounds himself with scallywags, thugs and scoundrels, has attempted to “Alinsky-ize” Christie in a desperate move to ensure his re-election. Saul Alinsky, the Yoda to the new Obama “progressive” revolution leaders, and his teachings are central to every Democratic media strategy in recent memory.

Alinsky taught his “radicals” seeking to overthrow Jeffersonian governance with the alluring utopia of Marxist doctrine to destroy and de-humanize their opponents to such an extent that they would have no credibility with the American people. In Corzine’s case, Alinsky rules 11 and 13 seem to be the most applicable.

Alinsky’s rule number 11 urged his followers to, “push a negative hard and deep enough” for then it will surely “break through into its counterside…every positive has a negative.” So when you see Corzine, Enron lobbyist, and enabler/promoter of special interests and corrupt politicians, pushing hard on the “scandals” of Chris Christie, you see number 11 in action. Corzine understands corruption is his achilles’ heel. He needs to inoculate himself against the issue by tarnishing the former federal prosecutor.

Referring again to the Quinnipiac Poll, it becomes clear why Corzine has chosen this path. A full 96% of New Jersey residents cited “corruption” as a major issue in this election. Chris Christie comes into this election with a public reputation as a corruption-busting prosecutor who took down corrupt dirt bags from both parties. Corzine, the sleaze-covered friend of many such scoundrels, has failed to successfully dirty the Christie brand thus far. The poll showed that 50% viewed corruption as mainly a “Democratic” issue while only 16% viewed it as mainly a “Republican” issue. To be fair, it is tough to hide from the blame in a state with one-party rule, but Corzine’s lame attempts at making Christie the poster boy of corruption have clearly missed the mark.

Alinsky’s rule number 13 also comes into play because in it, Alinsky urges followers to “pick the target, freeze it, personalize it, and polarize it.” So, in the mind of Jon Corzine, if he can “polarize” Christie, he can invalidate all of the good points that Christie makes in the election by removing the public trust from him. This is where the endless attempts to paint a picture of Bush and Christie or Christie and Rove as BFF’s come into play. If he can make Christie the anti-Bush bogeyman, he can drive up his negatives and invalidate his credibility.

Of course, as President Obama’s numbers fall into the toilet, Corzine might want to also stop running the commercials that basically depict him as Obama’s running mate as that association might actually start hurting Corzine more than the faux Rove and Bush connections to Christie.

So as former governor Tom Kean attempts to gently prod both candidates into taking the “high road” and discussing the issues instead of attacking each other, his pleas will fall on deaf ears, at least where Corzine is concerned. Corzine has no record to boast about and is surrounded by folks who cut their political teeth in the teachings of Alinsky. He also is running in a tough year to be a Democrat. His only hope is to stay true to Obama’s radical revolution for America and hope for a lifetime appointment to some imaginary “Czarship” of Obama’s shadow government.

In the meantime, the numbers don’t lie. Christie’s lead may have narrowed in recent months, but it is still a formidable one. As an incumbent, Corzine’s numbers need to be around 50% for a real shot at winning, and currently they aren’t even at 40%. With the national mood souring on the liberal Democratic agenda of Obamacare, massive government deficits, and the endless government power grabs, Corzine is between a rock and a hard place.

He should probably now focus on his end game. They need a massive get out the vote effort to overtake the Christie campaign on election day. They should focus on the core voting groups and tactics that have won Democratic victories in the past. That is, they should carry on the time-honored Democratic tradition of bribing the homeless and ensuring that the dead get to the polls in massive numbers. They should also make sure that liberals vote early and often (and in as many different towns as they can get away with.)

After all, the dead and homeless have always heavily favored the Democrats and it just wouldn’t be a New Jersey election if Democratic operatives weren’t scouring the inner city landscape with handfuls of cash in order to get homeless folks and civic-minded dead folks to the polls.