Liberal Lunacy on Abortion & "Niceness"

I accidentally stumbled upon the little-watched chat fest on MSNBC (also known as the White House Press Office) hosted by liberal muse Rachel Maddow. What a fun and snarky gal she is!

I often get criticized by whining liberal readers of my columns on Examiner.com or on my own blog that I am “too mean” and that my sarcasm is too much. My “meanness” is what turns people off from conservatives, they say. About my article detailing the events of a town hall meeting, they call opponents of government-run health care “selfish” “greedy” and “mean.”

Watching Rachel Maddow’s show, however, it became abundantly clear to me, if it weren’t already, that their complaints are solely based on the content and not the delivery of my position.

They hate me because I’m a conservative.

In fact, one such detractor asked me if I would soon have a “beer summit” with Ann Coulter because I was so mean. I told him that I would be honored to do so if he could put me in touch with Ann.

Consider the difference between the deaths of long-running Senators Jesse Helms and Strom Thurmond to that of Senator Teddy Kennedy. Kennedy’s death is being treated as only slightly less important than Michael Jackson’s. If one didn’t know better, you might think our longest reigning king just died.

Thurmond and Helms, of course, were evil and “mean” as well, so it wasn’t worth covering their deaths in the news. Kennedy, everyone knows, had such a big heart.

Of course, Redstate is pointing out that “Newsweek’s Ed Klein told guest host Katty Kay about Kennedy’s love of humor. How the late senator loved to hear and tell Chappaquiddick jokes, and was always eager to know if anyone had heard any new ones.

Yet, all of the coverage I’ve seen has shown Kennedy to be this warm and loving man who “never got personal.” Apparently, he also thought it was funny to joke about the woman he murdered in cold blood. The Huffington Post demonstrates the liberal idea of niceness by suggesting Mary Jo Kopehcne’s feeling toward her own murder at the hands of Teddy in light of his Senate career would likely be that, “Who knows — maybe she’d feel it was worth it.

I’ll get right on that being nicer thing now, as I certainly see what you liberal lunatics mean.

Further demonstration of the “niceness” of liberals was the unabashed celebration of murdering unborn children via late term abortions on the aforementioned Rachel Maddow show. Now, since nobody really watches MSNBC except for folks who are in the streets rending their garments and wailing over the loss of Uncle Teddy, I realize I run a great risk of actually exposing their message to a larger audience by simply blogging about it on my little site. I am willing, however, to take the risk.

Maddow, grinning from ear to ear, absolutely gushed as she interviewed Dr. Leroy Carhart, a Nebraskan abortion provider, who specializes in late term abortions. She was horrified about a fundraising newsletter sent out by Operation Rescue calling for peaceful protests of Carhart’s abortion clinic. This is over the line, because as Rachel Maddow implies, all pro-life people are murderous thugs who called for, promoted, and planned Dr. Tiller’s assassination simply by virtue of the fact that they protested him too. Her ridiculuos insinuation that people who stand in defense of innocent life would call for the murder of an abortion doctor is just another way to de-humanize the “not-so-nice” conservative folks.

After all, Teddy would want us to “reach across party lines” and all get along. Of course, he only wanted to do so when a Republican like John McCain came over to the liberal side as on the Kennedy-McCain Amnesty Act for illegal aliens. He also always called for niceness, except for when he was skewering Supreme Court nominee Robert Bork as a racist and sexist oppressor of the poor, or when he was busy collaborating with the KGB to undermine Ronald Reagan.

Anyway, Maddow brings on Dr. Carhart by solemnly noting that he is one of the few remaining people in the country performing late-term abortions as though our hearts should break over such a fact. Killing babies that could survive outside of their mother’s womb is the new “nice” after all.

Carhart, wearing a sticker that says “TRUST WOMEN” begins his interview by boldly proclaiming that he “is not canceling any appointments,” in the face of so grave a threat as a peaceful protest from Operation Rescue. Maddow also worries about “anti-abortion terrorism,” though a thorough study of her career would rarely turn up even a reference to terrorism conducted by militant Muslims.

Dr. Carhart, continuing the heart-wrenching saga of the saintly church-going Dr. Tiller, also professes that most of the folks slaughtering infants for a quick buck are “very religious people” and view abortion as a “religious” and “moral” right. Indeed, that is just what the Bible refers to in Jeremiah when it talks about “the plans” God has for each life and the intimate knowledge He has of each life while in the mother’s womb. It’s easy to see where the good doctor gets his justification for the “religious” right of abortion. Certainly, God, the Author of all life, would want us to kill innocent life before it had a chance so that things could be more convenient for the mother. It is along this line of thinking that the most high President Barack Obama has declared that the government and God are “partners” in the issues of life and death. In that one pithy statement, Obama both elevates himself to the level of God and attempts to create his own “Jihad” or “Holy War” to preserve government control and rationing over who lives and dies. (Niceness in action folks!)

The “nice” Rachel Maddow then points out the horror of all horrors that late-term abortion doctors, according to Newsweek, used to number about 2700 in the country and now only a scant 1800 of them remain bravely dismembering womb-dwelling babies by sticking scissors in their skulls and sucking their brains out and then literally tearing them apart limb by limb in the nicest way possible in order to assure the convenience to the mother. “Religious” and “moral” right indeed!

The quivering Maddow, about to collapse into herself like a dying star over this decline saintly doctors, is then reassured by Dr. Carhart:

“Since Dr. Tiller’s murder, I have started training 2 new physicians, both, um, what I call them second career physicians, both well established in their primary medical fields, and they want to give something back to the community and they came to me asking me to train them in abortions. I also have a list of about a dozen abortion providers already that want to be trained to do the late second and third trimester abortions and take that back to their home states.”

With a glistening tear forming in Maddow’s eye, she shakes her head in affirmation of the wonderful “nice” work that Dr.Carhart is doing and seeking to employ in neighboring states. “Giving back to the community” used to mean something like volunteering your time and trying to make your community better. To liberals, however, in the age of “nice” it apparently means slaughtering infants for a hefty profit.

Despite Maddow’s “nice” belief that the only reason the number of late-term abortion doctors would decrease is because “mean folks” on the right are murdering them, only a handful of such murders have occurred in the 30+ years since Roe V. Wade. While sad, that does not a movement make. Perhaps the recent polling suggesting that more and more Americans consider themselves pro-life might have something to do with it. Maybe, enough “mean” Americans are starting to wake-up to the horrors of abortion and are choosing to take a stand on one of the great human rights issues of our time.

As the old song goes “you have to be cruel to be kind.” and I, for one, plan to remain a “mean” conservative if that means standing up for innocent life and personal liberty.