Kathleen Parker Needs To Shut Her Mouth

The sneering disdain from an alleged conservative continues. Kathleen Parker needs to take a long hard look at herself and wonder why she is so hateful towards another successful conservative woman.

Her snarky comments in her latest hit piece on Governor Palin include the oh-so-witty remark about her upcoming book:

Fortunately, Palin has hired a writer to help with her tell-all.

She also tells us that Palin is not “curious” and is the same as George W. Bush. Once again parroting the robotic rhetoric of the left that anyone who doesn’t go to Harvard or spend their lifetime sucking up to the media elites like Ms. Parker is an absolute idiot. The utter disdain with which Parker speaks about ordinary Americans reeks of an elitism and narcissism typical of those dwelling in ivory towers far from the reach of reality. In that respect, there is very little to separate Parker from Obama and the seething, hate-filled, condescending liberal movement.

Parker, who one assumes makes her living, however meager, from writing about and discussing politics, somehow sneers at the evil of Palin pursuing the same path:

Insiders confirm that Palin felt she couldn’t accomplish as much as a besieged governor as she can as a private citizen working behind the scenes. While those facts may be true, the sidebar reveals a convenient rationale. The usual rule applies: Follow the money.

As a public speaker, Palin will be golden. Other rumors circulating suggest a television show, a possible newspaper column (but remember, Palin hates the mainstream media), and fundraising gigs where the erstwhile vice presidential candidate can retain her hot spot on center stage.

If that is altruism, there’s a lakeside house in Wasilla with a fabulous view of Russia you’re just gonna love.

I think we can all guess what would happen if Palin and Parker released a book at the same time.

Some elites in the media, including many conservatives, overestimate their own intelligence and grasp on what is going on at the grass roots level. They also overestimate their own influence. The conservative movement as a whole has rejected Parker’s nonsensical drivel. We see her for what she is, an elitist who is more interested in getting the establishment types to like her than in genuinely advancing any core principles.

The GOP and the conservative chattering class underestimate the will of the people at their own peril. We are fed up with those who look down upon us for not attending Ivy League schools, or who think less of us because we prefer cheeseburgers to escargot. When a talking head insults Palin’s intelligence, they insult the intelligence of millions of Americans across the country. Palin may be a populist in some respects, but many of us in the conservative field find ourselves heading in that direction as the supposed leaders of our own party and political movement continue to talk down to and belittle us.

What makes America great is “ordinary barbarians” like Palin and many of us at the grass roots level who fight for what we believe and don’t take ourselves too seriously. We may not drink deep of the mind-numbing propaganda found on many Ivy League colleges and universities, but believe it or not, we are capable of rational thought. We still challenge the status quo and refuse to accept things just because they have always been. We “the people” are the foundation to this nation and any successful political, social or philosophical movement. A movement or nation that loses sight of that willingly embarks on its path to irrelevance and ultimately, its own demise.