Governor Palin Continues to Push for Parental Notification

In a move that will surely further anger those suffering from PDS (Palin Derrangement Syndrome) into a mouth-foaming rage, Governor Palin continues to stand by her convictions and push for a bill that would provide for a mandatory parental notification for minors having abortions.

Said our lady from the north:

“This good legislation received support from legislators from both bodies on both sides of the aisle because it is, above all, pro-family,” Governor Palin said. “The lack of action on this bill is a blow to parents across the state who do not want government building a wall between them and their children. I will continue to work to ensure that Alaska’s families are represented and that the existing law truly reflects the will of the people — as intended by our state’s constitution.

What’s nice to see about Governor Palin is that her actions and her words add up in the controversial issue of abortion. She isn’t afraid to stand for what is right. Most pro-life presidential candidates bury their position on their website and shrug off questions about the issue as though they were ashamed of their position.

Not so with Governor Palin. That was made clear last week when she spoke at a Right To Life banquet.

In fact, her position on this bill also demonstrates her spunk:

“It is imperative that this issue is resolved as soon as possible. I will explore, as a private citizen, how Alaskans can do what the Senate has refused to do.”

This is just another example of Governor Palin’s connection with the frustrations of ordinary Americans. We are sick and tired of politicians who speak out of both sides of their mouths and stand for nothing. We need a good dose of common sense. If a child needs a parent’s permission to get their ear pierced or to take tylenol at school, why in the world would any rational person suggest that they should have the “freedom” to terminate the life of their unborn child in a procedure that has emotionally and physically damaged women for life without at least notifying their parents?

Governor Palin gets it and has the courage of her convictions to follow-through.

The press release regarding this issue can be found on the governor’s website or by clicking here.