Obama Heals The World Via DVDs!

We were told over and over again during the campaign that the presidency of Barack Obama would restore our standing in the world. I’m not sure of the definition of “restore” but I am finding it a little different than what I would have imagined.

Consider the following:

1. DVD-Gate: Apparently the appropriate gift to a visiting head of state from one of our closest allies is a collection of old movies on DVD (as opposed to $100 a pound steak which is served at the weekly Obama White House Club night featuring various has-been R&B groups and line dancing led by our “proud” first lady.) It is also proper to insult them by refusing to do a press conference until the last minute, and giving their kids cheap trinkets from the White House gift shop. Way to go. Perhaps next time the gift basket can include the plethora of Obama books, DVDs and apparel that can be found in virtually every store in America.

Additionally, there is the story about the Winston Churchill sculpture that was sent back to the British in a rather insulting manner. Apparently, President Obama was holding out for a bust of Stalin or Marx.

2. The previously mentioned scrapping of the missile shield is probably doing wonders to bolster our relationship with the countries that will soon be devoured by Russia. Nothing says friendship like being thrown under the bus and handed over to crazy uncle Putin.

3. On a good note, we are on better terms with Russia and Iran. In fact, we just invited Iran to come to a meeting to discuss the situation in Afghanistan. If there’s ever someone you want in on a meeting on how to handle the Taliban or Bin Laden, it would be the Muslim extremist and Armageddon threatening terrorist regime from Iran. It’s good to know that they’ve got our back.

4. Benjamin Netanyahu has also expressed a lack of interest in “taking orders” from Hillary Clinton. Of course, with all the anti-Semites that Obama has worked with over the years, we should have seen this one coming.

5. Apparently we are even having difficulty convincing communist China to continue buying our government bonds. Of course, in the end the “commies” will probably end up owning our souls, but that’s okay as long as the 100 dollar a pound steak is still available for Barry and Shelly.

6. Iraq is being abandoned while Pakistan is being threatened with invasion on a daily basis.

So by “restore” apparently Obama meant “to alienate democracies and allies while cozying up to terrorists and communists around the globe.” Good for us. Maybe we should dispatch Scrappy Joe Biden to spin a few tall tales to the leaders of the world in order to win back their affection. I think the question about whether or not Obama was ready to lead has been answered definitively.