America 2009: I Heart Socialism

The change of socialism is sweeping the nation from sea to shining sea.  Tax cheats, lobbyists, and Clinton re-treads are running amok in our nation’s capitol.  Hillary, the once and future queen, has had shoes thrown at her picture in the Obama-messiah’s childhood home, the Islamic nation of Indonesia. 

Yet hands are opening all across this country and people are calling in one voice for government handouts as a great socialist (almost communist) society rises from the ashes of a burning U.S. flag (upon which Bill Ayers stands and spits upon.)  Banks are being taken over by the government.  Bailouts are all the rage.  States, businesses, and now homeowners are all cozying up to the Washington teat. 

Those of us who warned during the election that Mr. Obama was an outright socialist/communist and anti-American extremist have been vindicated and then some.  Conservative cocktail hangers-on who declared that Obama was reasonable or a moderate were wrong and we were right.

Obama is no centrist.  He is not bipartisan.  He’s certainly no optimist, and would rather set free terrorists than hold anyone accountable for anything.  He’s also not an inspiring figure, but a rather angry and sullen Debbie Downer of a leader, who would rather berate and limit the American people than praise or encourage them.  He lectures.  He browbeats.  He walks into windows and bumps his head on helicopters. 

He buys power.  His pork-laden “stimulus” gift to the special interests, unions, and Marxists alike spent more money in one bill than the congress usually spends in an entire year–and that is saying something given the propensity congress has for spending ridiculous amounts of money on nonsense and political favor-currying.

He has steam-rolled the opposition by repeatedly telling them that he won the election, has refused to take questions that are either not pre-approved by his staff or asked at times that are not convenient to him.  He has also repeatedly chastised the American people for excesses and greed that he regularly practices (see the thermostat debate.) 

In essence, that sobbing crazy woman during the election, who told the nation that her worries were over because Obama was going to pay her mortgage and her bills was a prophetess.  Some doubted that Dictator B. Hussein Obama would even want to grow the government so large as to do something like that.  Some doubted that he even could do it.  Yet, today, King Barry decreed that he would indeed be bailing out homeowners and once again reminded us that it is the responsibility of government to do so.  Saying things like “only government” can save us from this economic crisis (which the President would have you believe even dwarfs the Great Depression in size and scope) takes this once great capitalist country and turns it into another sad socialist copycat.  Images of Soviet bread lines, Chinese persecution of Christians, and Cuban poverty and oppression will soon replace the unbridled success and blessing that this nation has endured during its over 200 year history.

I say all this as I look over my shoulder at the coming big brother silencing of any free speech on the part of Obama opponents.  Efforts are underway to silence internet and talk radio critics on the right in the guise of fairness and regulation.

Yet, despite the fact that the majority of Americans claim to be against socialism and the porkulus bill, Obama’s approval rating remains high.  Somehow people can stand in complete opposition to everything the radical stands for and yet still love him to pieces.  One can only hope that 4 years of temper tantrums, political scandals, corruption, hypocrisy, and government power grabs will sour the public enough to toss the American Marxist Revolutionaries out of power.

As Sean Hannity puts it, “the radicals have taken over.”  Obama is already proving himself to be the most radical leftist, and I would argue, socialist to ever occupy the office.  If we are to regain the former glory and success of this country, we are going to need to turn out in massive numbers in 2 years to turn out the Democrat congress and then in another two to elect a true conservative optimist as president.  Another watered-down apologist moderate won’t be enough to repair the damage done by four years of socialist nonsense.  We will need a leader of vision, clarity, conservative principles and most of all an abiding love for and pride in America. 

We will need another Reagan to pull us out of the mire of Carter Version 2.0.

Pray that we will indeed win one more for the Gipper.