The Change Bus Drives Off the Cliff of Insanity

The Change Bus is rapidly swerving off the cliff of insanity & Barry hasn’t even taken office yet!

I mean, seriously folks, this “presidential transition” has reality show train wreck written all over it.

Consider what “The One” has brought us before even taking office:

1. BLAG-O-GATE: Who among us hasn’t enjoyed the splendor of Blog-o-gate? I personally love the fact that the clown is under investigation for a pay-to-play scandal and yet has the audacity to nominate a successor to Obama. I love the fact that the successor, one Mr. Burris, gave pretty large donations to Blago. I’m sure that his donation was higher than Jesse Jackson Jr’s donations. I’m also sure that it had nothing to do with his nomination.

I further love the comedy sitcom that his arrival in Washington has become. Love him telling us that he’s the “magic man” and demanding access to the senate only to be refused by Senator Harry “I am not a racist” Reid. Having a back and forth in public where Mr. Burris claims that racism is the reason behind any opposition to him (as though if a white man had paid gobs of cash and was nominated by a soon-to-be felon people would be thrilled!) and Senator Reid has to insist to us that he’s not a racist. Somewhere, Alan Keyes is laying a foundation to run for this senate seat again.  Against this clown, he might have a shot!

I also love Obama’s opinion on the subject. Unfortunately because we only have 1 president at a time, we just don’t know what his opinion is. I’m sure it’s filled to the top with the sweet sounds of “uh” and “ah” interspersed with a few words.

2. “You know” Gate: Speaking of soon-to-be vacant senate seats. Who can resist the awesomeness of Caroline Kennedy’s “you know” attempt to get appointed to Hillary’s seat and the infighting within the Democratic party about it? I also love Obama’s position on this one. Oh wait, he only had time to brief us on spam and hasn’t weighed in on this issue either.

3. Bill Richardson. It’s always nice to have a nominee resign under the threat of an indictment for yet another (yawn) pay to play scandal with an Obama official. Maybe he should have gone with his other former “rival” John Edwards or perhaps part-time alien abductee Dennis Kucinich?

4. The Hillary & Bill Show. Seriously? Dancing lovingly at midnight as the ball dropped in NYC, I was reminded of how much fun those Clintons are. They say loose lips sink ships, and you can bet that State Department is going to leak like the Titanic. Thank you Mr. “The One” for this Secretary of State nomination!

5. Leon Panetta. What does a guy with zero experience look for in a CIA Director? We now know the answer!  Apparently it is zero experience. If Leon doesn’t pan out for him, perhaps the unemployed Harriet Myers is available. In fact, Myers and President Bush are probably happy about the Richardson scandal and the Panetta nomination. In retrospect, her nomination doesn’t seem so bad.

6. Another EPA Administrator from NJ. Seriously folks, I live in NJ and I live right down the street from a toxic waste dump. We get letters telling us on a regular basis that our water is filled with radiation, but that only 1 in 10,000 of us will get cancer from it. Oh, but we are reminded to not water our grass 2 days in a row or the radiation might kill it. It only makes sense to nominate someone from here to run the EPA.

7.  War is evil.  I was against the war when I was a state senator in Illinois and nobody except for Bill Ayers and Rev. Wright knew who I was!  So, as the next president I will nominate George Bush’s Defense Secretary!  Nicely done.  Somewhere the moveon.org folks just drank the poisoned kool aid to end it all.

So between the countless pay for play scandals, the senate reality shows in NY and IL, the silence on any issue of importance (especially the deafening silence on Israel) we are in for a fun four years! Unfortunately, with intelligence folks all across the fruited plain predicting a major terrorist attack in the next few years, the party will soon be over.

At least Oprah is inspired.