The Toll of a Presidency & The Classless Pack of Animals That Degrade the Leader of the Free World

Why would anyone want to become president in this day and age?

America owes George W. Bush an apology.

So on behalf of a grateful nation, I thank you sir for your service.  I thank you for taking the fight to the terrorists and for keeping my children safe for these past 8 years.  I thank you for your clear understanding of good and evil in this world.  I thank you for putting America first before the self-absorbed need by those on the left to get the approval of the rest of the world.

I thank you for standing by your principles and not letting the flavor of the month media that seeks to create news rather than report it guide your policies.

I thank you for standing firm when every day brought more insults and attacks to your character. 

I apologize to you for the endless showers of invective directed your way and the psychotic liberal character assassination campaign that has been waged against you for 8 years.  I apologize for each comparison to Nazis and terrorists, for each attack on your intelligence, honesty and character. 

It is true that good people may disagree on policy and approach.  It is unfortunate that a large number of folks in this country have elevated hateful, demeaning and incendiary rhetoric to a position of prominence.  These same folks would scream from the rooftops if even the most innocuous language directed at President Bush over the last 8 years were directed to a minority, a religion other than Christian, or gays and lesbians, about needing to cut off free speech and enact stronger “Hate Crime” laws; yet they think nothing of projectile vomiting this putrid stuff on a daily basis at President Bush. 

I can only hope that we will come to realize after time that President Bush deserved better than he received.  For now, all I can offer is my thanks and profound apology to the man from Texas.  I didn’t always agree with him on policy, but I respect the man for his convictions and leadership.

God Bless George W. Bush and the United States of America.