Defense Secretary Robert Gates: Change You Can Believe In?

Seriously? President-elect Obama is keeping Robert Gates as the Secretary of Defense. How are you feeling moveon.org? Do you really think it was a good idea to overthrow Hillary in the primary now?

“Change you can believe in” has transformed into some sort of television show plot twist. “Don’t miss the next all-new press conference from President-elect Obama. A former rival will make a dramatic return in her quest for worldwide domination. Change will be re-defined. And in the last 5 minutes, he will name a nominee for Secretary of Defense in the biggest twist of the season!”

Now, I happen to like Gates, so I am happy that he’s staying on board as the Secretary of Defense, but I can’t imagine that the moveon.org left wing kooks are pleased. Surely they will pause during their worship of the Obama Messiah to realize that he’s become their Judas. This would be like a pro-life candidate nominating the president of Planned Parenthood (while wearing a shirt that proudly states “I had an abortion!”) as their Secretary of Health and Human Services. It is a betrayal of the most important issue of the left during this campaign by their Hillary-slaying hero.

Senator Obama told us that we are simply air-raiding villages and killing civilians in this evil war perpetrated on the unsuspecting American people by President Bush.

He also repeatedly countered John McCain’s five years as a POW in the Vietnam war, with a yarn about his own political bravery. Why, he regaled us with tales of how brave he was as an irrelevant state senator in an extremely liberal district of an extremely liberal city of an extremely liberal state when he spoke out against the war from the beginning.

He told us that this administration lied to us and that only he could repair our reputation and bring not only change, but peace to the world. After all he told us that “we are the ones we’ve been waiting for.”

He promised repeatedly to pull the troops out of Iraq in his first 90 days.

Then, once elected, this agent of change chooses as his Secretary of Defense the very man that is currently running this dastardly villainous war for the evil war criminal from Texas and his sinister Vice President who shoots his friends in the face while hunting. The silence about this nomination by the media and the left is deafening.

Publicly, most of them have joined the chorus of “don’t criticize Obama, give him a chance, give him the benefit of the doubt,” that is spewing from the mainstream media behemoth. I have to imagine, however, that the folks on the far left who spent the last year fainting and achieving levels of nirvana that were never previously thought possible, are leaving their ecstatic trances of Obamamania and secretly fuming.

Obama also spent a number of speeches laying out the premise that you can’t just appoint the same people to different posts and hope for something different to happen. Yet, virtually his entire cabinet (except for I say again PRESIDENT BUSH’S Defense Secretary) has risen from the ashes of the Clinton administration.

“Change you can believe in” is apparently something that evolves every day. It might be better to call it “change you won’t believe” as Obama seems hellbent on switching long-held opinions and dismantling tent-poles of his historic campaign on a daily basis.

He even appointed Hillary as Secretary of State, although it still several weeks later, remains a mystery as to whether or not she has accepted the offer.

Through his rapid changes in the “Office of the President-Elect,” Barack Obama has revealed himself to be either incredibly naive or incredibly dishonest, neither of which bodes well for our nation.