The Attempted Political Assassination of Sarah Palin & Why It Must and Will Fail

The mainstream media and the Obama-Biden campaign made the political assassination of Governor Sarah Palin their number one goal during the 2008 election cycle. The agile and tough Alaskan moose-hunter was able to survive the attempt on her political life, but left this campaign field bloodied. In the past few days some second-rate hacks within the McCain campaign and establishment elites within the GOP have tried to finish the job. They must not and will not succeed.

It is often quoted by some random Alaskan politician that, “the Alaskan poltical landscape is littered with the bodies of those who underestimated Sarah Palin.”

The same will be true of the national stage.

Governor Sarah Palin came into this campaign on August 29. She did not seek this out, it found her. She has spent years focusing on the issues specific to Alaska and had no time to bone up on national issues. She couldn’t get her sea legs without the glare of the national spotlight like Barry and John could over two years ago when this marathon election began.

Governor Palin’s rise to power was not an easy one. She took on and defeated a sitting Republican governor, and went on to win the general election for governor in 2006, which happened to be a very bad year nationally for the GOP. As Governor, Sarah Palin entered this year with the highest approval rating in the nation. She tackled huge issues like the oil and gas pipeline in a tenacious and powerful way. She took on the oil companies, the state Democrats and the state Republicans to weed out corruption, cut taxes and eliminate over 300 million dollars in spending from the state’s budget. What Sarah Palin has accomplished in Alaska is a model for conservatives across the country of how a bold, reform-minded conservative can succeed by articulating the conservative agenda and taking on anyone who stands against progress. It comes out of the mold of Ronald Reagan, that is, she is a conservative leader not a calculating politician with conservative tendencies. She doesn’t take the easy way. She’s a bold, confident leader in a business loaded with deal-makers and favor-seekers.

Her record of accomplishment demonstrates a far cry from recent Republican leadership, which prefers the “see no evil” approach to corruption even within their own party; and the self-defeating roll-over-and-play-dead for the liberals and media approach to governing. This approach clings to the false hope that somehow the other side will play nice if we just give them what they want. This is why she now finds herself under assault from people within her own campaign.

This assault began immediately after Palin’s selection to the GOP ticket, as liberals and their willing accomplices in the media went nuclear. Here was a bright, attractive, conservative woman that could possibly change the dynamics not just of this political election, but for several elections to come. Such an optimistic and likable proponent of conservatism hasn’t been seen since Reagan left the stage two decades ago. Obama and his liberal army rightly perceived that win or lose, Palin would be a threat to their power. She must be dealt with quickly and permanently. Nothing was off-limits. Her hair. Her clothes. Her children.

Their main course of attack was the usual weapon of choice when dealing with conservatives. Why, she must be stupid! Only a dunce would live in Alaska and hunt moose. Only a dunce would wear those glasses and that librarian’s bun. Only a dunce would dare question what an interviewer meant when he referred to a doctrine that had many facets and failed to identify which one he was specifically referencing! She said you can see Russia from Alaska! She’s not ready to be president if that old sickly geezer dies!

Ronald Reagan was “dangerous” and “stupid.” That was until he became “dangerous” and “senile” later in his tenure. George Bush lacks “gravitas.” Over and over again, the political assassination attempts on conservatives are executed through the condescending and arrogant accusation of their alleged “stupidity.” Only a dunce could dare to disagree with a liberal. Clearly, only one lacking in intellectual heft would “cling” to religion or a conservative political doctrine of any kind.

I would remind you that the next president of the United States referred to visiting the “57” states of this country during this campaign. Where is the outcry about his stupidity?

The hockey mom from Wasilla, Alaska will survive these attacks in the same manner that her predecessors, also governors without any foreign policy experience, Ronald Reagan and George W. Bush did. She will go directly to the American people and plead her case.

The bar has been set a bit higher for Palin in the last few days with attacks from aides in her own campaign. Citing the horrors of her “diva-like behavior” such as not taking orders from her aides, a narrative has begun to emerge from the ashes of the McCain campaign that reinforces the media’s conservative dunce stereotype.

If this narrative had any basis in truth, those “anonymous” aides would show their faces. They would also have to accept the responsibility for picking such a hillbilly stooge for the Vice-Presidential nomination.

They won’t do that. Their motives are clear. They lost the election and want to cover for themselves and their current boss (John McCain) while clearing the 2012 field for their future boss (most likely recent conservative convert and failed presidential candidate Mitt Romney.) They must savage Palin now to ensure them invites to the D.C. cocktail parties today and powerful jobs for them tomorrow.

Governor Palin did not lose this election for John McCain. A number of things came together to ensure McCain’s defeat. Sarah Palin was not one of them. Sarah Palin had a couple of poor interviews (one because her answers weren’t good, and the other because of the editing.) Governor Palin did, however:

  1. Draw huge crowds and enthusiasm for a campaign that previously had the life and energy of a cemetary at midnight. Everywhere Palin went huge crowds followed. Having attended a McCain-Palin event in PA, I can testify to the fact that the crowd went nuts for Palin and applauded politely for McCain. In the nearly 2 and a half hours spent waiting for the rally to begin the refrains, “I wasn’t too crazy about McCain,but then he picked Sarah Palin and I got so excited,” and “I wish Palin was on the top of the ticket, she’s awesome,” were repeated over and over again by young and old, man and woman, elephant and PUMA.

  2. She also brought in the money. As soon as Palin joined the ticket it poured into the campaign. Remember, just last year McCain was flying coach and had a bare bones staff because the money had dried up for his campaign.

  3. Gave the conservative movement a face and a voice. We finally felt like we had a horse in the race. In other words while parroting our future first lady, “for the first time during this election I was really proud of my party.”

  4. She gave an outstanding speech on August 29 when she was announced as McCain’s running mate and again during her convention speech in St. Paul. She knocked it out of the park with grace and style.

  5. She more than held her own against Joe Biden during the most watched Vice-Presidential debate in American history. I’m pretty sure that those ratings weren’t due to the Delwarian rock star known as Biden. (In fact, everywhere she went saw a spike in ratings from SNL to news programs.)

Palin’s presence on the ticket may have alienated some Democrats and liberal-leaning independents. The reality is, however, that those folks weren’t going to vote for McCain anyway. She did, however, manage to bring a lot of conservatives back to the fold after they had sworn off supporting McCain. So for each vote that Palin “lost” for McCain, she probably earned him 5. In fact, she brought his numbers up 13 points from where they were prior to her joining the ticket. Those votes lost are also ones that Palin can re-gain by rehabilitating her image when she is free to speak for herself instead of towing the McCain party line.

Those who seek to destroy Sarah Palin do so at their own peril. Sarah Palin has an ability to connect to the average American in a way that our most successful politicians have. Additionally, Sarah Palin entered this campaign as a national rookie. Four years is an eternity in politics and it gives Governor Palin the time she needs to bone up on national issues. She can also continue to build her resume with a continued track record of accomplishment and success. She will continue to work with or without the Obama administration on energy independence. She will continue to speak out for families with special needs children.

What the establishment types see as a flaw, we the people see as a plus. Palin doesn’t do things like the political machine. She doesn’t speak like a rhetoric-spewing robot but like one of us. In a time where the Washington conservatives have failed us miserably, she and others like Eric Cantor and Bobby Jindal, represents the second coming of Reagan. The attempted political assassination of Sarah Palin must and will fail and as the saying goes, “what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger.” A stronger, more accomplished Sarah Palin will step into the 2012 field and rally a renewed conservative movement. I’d like to call that movement the Palin-Jindal 2012 revolution. That will be change that Reagan could believe in!

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