First of all, let me direct you to an excellent piece by Mark Goldblatt on National Review Online that demonstrates what Palin should do in a very direct and well said way. It can be found on www.nationalreview.com.

First, Gov. Sarah Palin has accomplished a great deal in Alaska by not being a typical politician. She needs to represent that. She needs to speak like the breath of fresh air that she is and has been to this campaign. No more rehearsed answers, no more scripted responses. Let Sarah be Sarah. Someo of her best lines in the campaign (lipstick on a pitbull) have been unscripted. Let her trademark wit and sass come through.

Second, Gov. Sarah Palin needs to do what would be seemingly impossible to mere mortals. She needs to demonstrate complete and total confidence the way she did at the GOP convention. People need to see that confidence in her once again. That confidence has been lacking a little as of late due to all of the media onslaught. The unrelenting attacks on her intellectual abilities and character almost suggest that the media thinks that she’s President George W. Bush. All of their foaming at the mouth radical liberal hatred of President George W. Bush seems to have simply been re-directed to Sarah Palin with an added dose of sexism thrown in. Sarah can, and I believe, will overcome this.

Third, Gov. Palin should compare her resume and experience to Barack Hussein Obama and Amtrak Joe Biden. She should, as Goldblatt asserts, point out that she has had to make tough executive decisions (and she should highlight some of them) that Obama and Biden have never had to do. She should talk about all of the state agencies that she has had to work with in an executive capacity that Biden and Obama have not. She should also point out, again as Goldblatt suggests, that she has actually focused on each office that she has held and accomplished major things there instead of viewing them as a stepping stone to higher office. It is here that she can highlight the plethora of “present” votes that Obama has made, the fact that his subcommittee has not held a single hearing, the fact that he has spent most of his 3 years in the U.S. Senate absent and on the road trying out for higher office. She can make a clear distinction between a leader who leads and a politician who relentlessly pursues power for the sake of power.

Fourth, she needs to just admit that she doesn’t have much foreign policy experience. That’s fine. Bill Clinton, Ronald Reagan, George W. Bush all had little to no foreign policy experience before taking office. There is a reason that the American voters are drawn to governors. They have the capacity to lead, make tough decisions and take responsibility (both good and bad) for those decisions. They don’t hide behind “present” votes and endless negotiations like senators. She should point that out. As Goldlbatt suggests, she should inform the public that unlike Obama who has never met an office he didn’t view as merely a stepping stone to a higher office, she actually has been about governing her state. She hasn’t studied foreign policy because it’s not a major priority of a governor. She should stress that what she does know a great deal about is energy independence, an issue that she is uniquely qualified for.

Fifth, she needs to put Biden, Obama and the media in their place about her treatment. She needs to call them on their sexist treatment of Hillary and of herself. She needs to point out that Obama has no major foreign policy experience either, only speeches and photo ops. She needs to emphasize the lack of judgment on Biden’s part despite being in the senate since she was in 2nd grade. It doesn’t matter if you have all the experience in the world if it demonstrates that you have a terrible lack of judgment.

To sum up, Gov. Sarah Palin needs to be herself. That brave, tough woman who took on the GOP and state political establishments and won. That woman that has accomplished more in 2 years as governor of Alaska than Obama has accomplished in any of his legislative offices. She needs to be the pitbull in lipstick again, or maybe the barracuda that will rip apart her opponents. Sarah Palin has the power to turn this election around one more time and if she is allowed to be herself, she will deliver!

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