Check out my latest blog about my visit to the McCain-Palin Road To Victory Rally in Media, PA.

First up, I did get to attend a McCain-Palin rally in Media, PA this week. Senator Joe Lieberman, Governor Sarah Palin and Senator John McCain all spoke to the crowd of thousands. As usual there were the Obama people around the perimeters trying to ruin the fun for everyone. There were also a lot of PUMA (Democrats for McCain) people speaking and in attendance. The rally was an interesting experience, although being a political junky as I am, their speeches were not new to me. Their speeches were largely re-treads from their standard stump speech. It was a bigger rally than I expected and there did seem to be a great deal of excitement in the crowd. I can’t tell you how many times I heard, “I wasn’t a big supporter of John McCain, but then he picked Sarah Palin and I just got so excited!”

Also, as a side note, I was annoyed that the security and staff at the gates wouldn’t allow in home-made signs. We made very enjoyable home-made signs with pictures of our 7 year old and 3 year old dressed up like McCain and Palin saying “Kids for McCain-Palin.” So cute were they that during the rally and afterwards people were stopping us and asking if we were the people with the great posters of our kids dressed up as McCain-Palin. As Sen. McCain stepped off of that Straight Talk Express, he could have seen my kids smiling back at him. A great moment of political history was missed!

Despite taking all of the real homemade signs, the campaign handed out terrible looking “homemade” signs to select people in the crowd. Overall, though it was an exciting experience and it demonstrated that the McCain campaign does seem to have a stronger appeal in PA than I would have expected.

As for the latest polls with Barry Hussein Obama firmly in the lead of this race, with a lead of anywhere from 2-11 points, they are discouraging to say the least.

Remember: A good deal of this is based on the economy. Senator McCain’s announcement that he is suspending his campaign today to focus on the issue, and Obama’s refusal to follow suit once again demonstrates to the American people the difference between a leader and a power-hungry narcissist. These numbers will shift, especially if the debate does go on on Friday night. The debate is on foreign policy and McCain stands to gain some ground from it.

Also, keep in mind the AP poll this week that found Obama could lose as many as 6% on election day simply because he is black. Historically, African-American candidates poll much better than they perform on election day. Obama shouldn’t get too comfortable.

Another important note: During this time in 2000, Al Gore maintained a lead over Bush and in 1980 Carter maintained a lead over Reagan. It wasn’t until the end of October that the voters began to break big-time for Ronald Reagan and a large part of that was due to the debates. When people got to see Ronald Reagan in action, they were drawn to his leadership and optimism. The same will be true for McCain and Palin. The VP debate will be larger this year than ever before.

ALSO, please stop back later for my take on Biden’s FDR gaffe. It’s priceless.