Ron Paul - Rhetoric sure doesn't match action

When I saw this http://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2014/aug/27/former-iowa-state-senator-pleads-guilty-accepting-/  a few days ago, I was not shocked in the least.  There is no doubt in my mind that the candidate would have knowingly approved if not actually have been involved.

This is why just about everything about Ron Paul sure seems fraudulent to me.  First, my profession, Industrial plant dismantling, demolition and sales of surplus plant equipment since the mid 1980’s.  During the early 2000’s, for my employer, I handled all of the surplus process units for a major global chemical manufacturer at their complexes in Louisiana and California, plus part of a shared load for their operations in Michigan and Texas.

In early 2002, there was an all hands on deck to sell some equipment at our client’s largest complex in Texas located in Freeport/Lake Jackson.  The local congresscritter had delivered and earmark for the sole and direct benefit of that global company for the Feds to take over capital and operating expenses for this internal need.  We required to sell the like new (less than 2 years old) equipment ASAP and ahead of their “windfall.”  The local congresscritter was none other than Ron Paul.

It wasn’t until after the 2006 election (when I realized how hard Democrats affected MY bottom line as I went out on my own) that I was able to be pushed to actually get involved in politics locally.  Many thanks to an older friend from Texas who prodded me to do so.  He had played a major role in laying the groundwork for Texas to turn GOP in the 1960’s and 70’s, and now only gives money, usually to several dozen campaigns and almost never the max amount unless it’s down to the wire and the race is close.  He well understands moving conservative forward is a “small ball” type of effort.  So, I got involved in actual campaigns AND began doing my homework, my own homework.  Pundits may give me leads but the work has to be mine to be valid.

During the 2008 presidential primary season, I began looking more closely at Ron Paul, not because I even considered him, but because of his obnoxious cult followers.  What I began to find whenever earmarks were published, was how he got them for lots of companies, under the guise of local slang geographical names, not just in his district but nearby stone’s throw away districts, especially where union employees were used.

Then the office manager, of a congressman, told me that I should look at his office expenses, and how high they were.  There is was again, office expenses to rival that of congresscritters in NYC and San Francisco.  Sheesh, Lake Jackson cost is not nearly that high.  A good wage for employees is certainly less because cost of living.  Neither is office space rental as high.  I mean Houston business districts (Galleria & Downtown) were in the under $20 per square foot range for Class A highrise space until recently.  You can barely find that kind of deal here in Baton Rouge.

Fiscal hawk you say?  I don’t think so.  Fiscal fraud is more like it.  Now we can see that his campaign was not on the up and up either.




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