Louisiana Senate Fund Race

After one candidate’s pre-primary was posted late, we now have the results of cash on hand by various candidates…

Cassidy leads at $5.6 million, followed by Landrieu with $5.5 million cash. Maness has under $200K.  Both Cassidy and Landrieu have enough to carry them through the OPEN primary into a possible runoff.  Maness, at July’s cash flow rate, can last until the end of August before he is dead broke.  At this point Maness serves only one purpose, to syphon enough votes from Cassidy to get Mary into the runoff, where she is historically very formidable.  With 90% of his contributors coming from out of state, that doesn’t translate into many votes at all, not even the $5 ones.

BTW, Landrieu is used to having at least a 2:1 advantage in funding and her burn rate has been very high just to keep abreast of Cassidy in polling.

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