Damning Report on EPA and Environmental Groups

There isn’t much for me to say other than I am personally involved in the manufacturing business by offering process equipment for sale.  The majority of my clientele are small business manufacturers with more than one location.  One in particular which is based in Rhode Island had performed all the required testing, which it passed with flying colors, for a new plasticizer (an additive that makes plastics flexible).  The new product is said to be both price and performance competitive with traditional hydrocarbon based pasticizers.  It is made 100% from renewable resources.  The company submitted its application along with all toxicity testing, to the EPA in 2009 to receive approval to begin manufacturing the product and selling it here in the U.S.  As of two months ago it was still sitting at the EPA.  In every previous administration it would have been approved at the minimum of 90 day waiting period.

So much for the EPA’s touted goal of renewable resources replacing hydrocarbons.


The emperor has no clothes, and is now stripped bare for all to see.

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