Louisiana Senate Fundraising Results

Results at the end of 2nd Quarter show that only Landrieu and Cassidy have adequate funds to run statewide campaigns.  REMEMBER folks, all candidates are in the same primary, regardless of party.

Here are the results with cash in hand and burn rate.

Landrieu (D) – $6,239,434 cash in hand, $3,425,524.08 burned last quarter

Cassidy (R) – $5,861,197.56 cash in hand, $749,689.80 burned last quarter

Hollis (R) – $339,362.94 cash in hand, $101,915.84 burned last quarter

Maness (R) – $314,356.07 cash in hand,  $554,443.19 burned last quarter

Clements (R) – ($8,126.11), $1,423.61 burned last quarter

McMorris (L) – $551.23 cash in hand, $471.94 burned last quarter


Hollis ran statewide TV ads when he entered for about a week.  He withdrew at end of 2nd quarter and endorsed Cassidy.

It is common knowledge here that $4 million is needed to run a statewide campaign, down the stretch in Louisiana.  $1 million is needed for a serious contention of a congressional district.

Cassidy has begun running TV ads across the state only recently, and since few people pay attention to elections before July 4th it would have been money wasted.

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