Why We Should All Back Bill Cassidy

The most recent reliable polling data was a semi-annual statewide poll by Magellan Strategies.  It was funded by Lane Grigsby and local (Baton Rouge) very active individual.  If you want to say push poll , fine, but know that the Grigsbies have contributed to Rob Madness’ campaign.  So, any such theory is completely shot and has died in a fiery crash.  Here is a write up about the poll http://thehayride.com/2014/04/jindal-on-the-upswing-landrieu-in-trouble-in-latest-grigsby-poll/

The problem with the race (and the two marginal candidates, Madness and Hollis) is this, Mary Landrieu has not gotten above 45% in ANY poll of any note.  She is pretty much assured of a runoff is enough votes are siphoned off of the GOP leader, Cassidy.  Our OPEN primary is on November 4th and runoff is December 6th.  NO candidate will win a party nomination.  They are all in the same race from the get go.  Should Mary Landrieu make the runoff, she will have the full resources of all the Democrat Party nationwide at her beck and call for 30 days.  Any runoff will be Cassidy and Landrieu, and you can take that to the bank.  2.6% and 3% just don’t cut the mustard.  Sorry folks, Madness is NO Ted Cruz, never was and never will be.  He has not a single endorsement from ANY elected official in Louisiana, nada, zip, zilch, zero, nil, none, not even a dog catcher.

This nonsense of supporting the marginal candidates (Hollis is said to be running for statewide name recognition for future ambitions) especially Rob Madness is a fool’s mission and ONLY helps Mary Landrieu.  We Louisianians have been aware of this for almost a year now, when Madness (employed by Mary’s largest campaign contributor, Entergy, a public utility company) entered the race.  This is why no other bonafide GOP candidate was willing to enter the race.

It would appear that lofo, regarding Louisiana,  individuals have been hoodwinked by the Landrieu’s again.