State of Louisiana Senate Race

A local (Baton Rouge based) conservative political activist commissions a semi-annual poll and publishes it.   His name is Lane Grigsby and he  owns Cajun Constructors, an industrial, offshore (Gulf of Mexico),  and heavy highway/utility construction firm.  His two main focuses are fighting unions and good public eduction.  More on Grigsby here http://www.nola.com/education/index.ssf/2011/10/baton_rouge_businessman_plowin.html

Here are a few tidbits before reading the article and linked poll, Landrieu is now at 36%  Cassidy is the frontrunner of the GOP in the mid/high 20’s%, the two others are in low single digits.  BTW, Grigsby has contributed to Maness so don’t start hollering that it is some establishment plot.  There is reportedly a move within the state GOP to endorse Cassidy ahead of the primary (we have an open primary with ALL canidates in the same race) inorder to coalesce behind one who can actually beat Mary.


Note that Cassidy is not well known outside his congressional district though a lot of longtime (I know that it’s just 5 years old) the actual local Tea Party MEMBERS across the state are supporting him, that is all but a core of the New Orleans based group.  His campaing