Say NO to any Paul for President

Does anyone in their right mind think that free trade occurs in a vacuum without any military project of power by the U.S.?  If you do, you need to go play with unicorns, rainbows and butterflies.  This is also why I will NEVER vote for Rand Paul for president.  It’s personal.

I had been working on getting project put together to be made by a U.S. (actually Texas) company with their technology and sell it to Eastern European investors for installation overseas.  We did lose out on providing the technology and catalyst portion to a European company but were to provide the final process engineering, all other downstream engineering, fabrication and installation overseas.  In the power vacuum left by absence of U.S. military power overseas, along comes Putin into the Crimea, and the project was cancelled.  My loss was the better part of $1 million in my share of the commissions.

As a result, I will NEVER vote for any presidential candidate who has had any inkling of a Libertarian type foreign policy.  Free Trade does not happen in a vacuum full of butterflies, rainbows and unicorns.  Free trade happens in a stable world, a world where there is good use of projection of military power.  Bullies just love weaklings.

If you regard free trade as important you will not support such ill advised policies overseas.  They are a recipe for failure.