Cassidy Now Leads Landrieu

Two things about the most recent poll from Rasmussen http://www.rasmussenreports.com/public_content/politics/elections/election_2014/louisiana/election_2014_louisiana_senate, Mary cannot seem to break 40% which is not good for her, Cassidy is now at 44% still without widespread name ID statewide, and others (Maness & Hollis) are at a combined 5%.

Let’s not get cocky though, Mary won in 2008 after being behind in polling at this point in the campaign. The big difference being that her opponent, John Kennedy didn’t actively campaign until the last few months of the race and he had a Guiliani adviser holdover from that presidential primary campaign as his manager. Cassidy has Vitter’s strategist who crafted the landslide victory of 2010, which went hard right over the summer of that year in its negative TV ad campaign against the sole remaining “Blue Dog Democrat” in Louisiana.