Rob Maness Gets His Man Card Revoked

The quick and dirty version is that a Louisiana conservative blog calls Landrieu out for her vote on change in filibuster rules of the senate with a photoshop of Mussolini with Landrieu’s face. Cassidy’s campaign manager tweets a link to the article, which is accurate, and Landrieu calls for an apology from Cassidy. Faux conservative Rob Maness follows up in kind with his own call for an apology from Cassidy. That is when his Man Card is revoked.

If you want more accurate reporting on the Louisiana Senate race, disregard Erick and Daniel and go to www.thehayride.com. You will be far better informed.

Oh and by the way, Elbert Guillory has endorsed Cassidy. He did so at a Lafayette Townhall last night.

Stick a fork in Rob, he’s done. Ain’t got no money, ain’t got no support (except from a few whackos in state and some DC PAC’s which have little influence in Louisiana.

By doing this http://robmaness.com/articles/maness-condemns-use-of-wwii-atrocities-in-political-meme It appears that Cassidy has now outflanked the Mary Landrieu PLANT to the right with this http://www.kplctv.com/story/24074083/cassidy-responds-to-controversial-picture-of-landrieu

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