LA 5th Congressional Special Election Yesterday

In an open primary two Republicans head into the runoff after yesterday’s primary. The shocker of this race is not the leader, Neil Riser, who before many other Republicans jumped in, was considered a shoo in to win outright in the primary, but the runner up. Vance McAllister.   Apparently, having nothing more than self funding and the endorsement of Duck Dynasty’s Phil Robertson apparently means something in rural Louisiana.

Who The Heck Is Vance McAllister?

Two other takeaways are that the “don’t tase me bro” Henry Herford, in the attempted Ronulan coup of the GOP state convention, received only 0.86% of the vote and another fellow Libertarian who is a perpetual candidate received 0.12% of the vote or a sum total of less than 1%. This is in the same league as the Green Party candidate who received 0.48% of the vote.

The other big news is that the LA Democrat party could not manage to put anyone in the runoff, including the mayor of one of the district’s largest “metro” areas.