Egypt - Morsi losing internally for months?

There is a lot being discussed about the protests and the “friendly” military coup which took place today.

For decades many if not most of major private enterprise in Egypt has been run by ex army officers, even those which are subsidiaries of foreign companies.

This afternoon, I decided to check one of those companies and found its new CEO as of May 1st is a female from Canada. The company is EMethanex, a JV between the Egyptian owned natural gas company and Canada’s Methanex (world’s largest manufacturer of methanol).

Dr, Kamilia Sofia is the past head of CAE, Inc. (Canadian Aerospace Enterprises) and since then DAE, (Dubai Aerospace Enterprises). Dr. Sofia’s background is software and programming.. Both of her former companies are in the flight simulation business with CAE also in the medical simulation business as well, for training for military and civilians

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