Why NOT to Support Jeff Landry

I see that Freedom Works along with recommendations here and other websites are to support Jeff Landry in the newly redrawn 3rd Congressional District of Louisiana.


There have been wild claims that he is a “Tea Party” guy and that he supports the oil industry.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

The first issue is Tea Party.  Let me explain what went down in 2010 regarding that support.  There WAS an actual Tea Party candidate in the race, Kristian Magar.  He had been active locally and that activity moved him to run for office.  Tea Party groups and leaders across the state endorsed Magar.  As for Landry he hooked up with newly created Tea Party of Louisiana.  That group was begun by a single guy and when all the Alex Jones followers (a number of the BRTP folks obtained concealed carry permits due the physical threats by these folks.  I and through me my wife and home were threatened by them for opposing 9/11 Troofer and other conspiracy theories.) after they split from BRTP (Baton Rouge Tea Party LLC).  Landry PAID TPoL for recorded robocalls and what appears to be old fashioned whisper campaigns and massive sign theft.  That is the TP that Landry has associated himself with.


The second issue is why he lost all support from the actual oil industry.  Here is the link to the bill he sponsored


Now if you want me to translate, it forces an extra $20,000+ per day cost to oil companies, not just on drilling rigs but on production platforms.  This is no small matter with an annual BILLION DOLLAR PLUS price tag.  Landry’s largest supporters have been the workboat industry.  They are the sole beneficiaries of this bill.  This is crony capitalism, pure and simple.

Landry has not received contributions from actual offshore oil & gas companies or their PACs, since then.

Now if you want someone who looks good on camera questioning administration officials and for no other reason, Landry is darned good.  He’s definitely a fire breathing kind guy.  If you want someone who is a veteran, Landry is your man.

Is Landry an awful guy?  No.

Is Landry trustworthy?  No

Look, as in all races, both candidates have their warts, just don’t refer to Landry as an actual TP guy or an Oil supporting congressman.  He reminds me a lot of EWE (Edwin W. Edwards) but not nearly as smooth or pro-business, which Edwards actually was.

All of my family is from Lafayette, LA.  My mother’s family even founded it.  I grew up and lived many years in Lake Charles, LA.  Though I live in Baton Rouge, I have deep roots and many contacts there.