30 Year Bonds Do Badly

Well, looky here! As many conservatives, and the ChiComs warned, no one is going to want to finance the out of control liberal spending spree. Reuters reports (last week, how did I miss it? oh none of the MSM really picked it up):

NEW YORK, May 7 (Reuters) – A U.S. government auction of 30-year bonds met a dismal reception on Thursday, driving down bond and stock prices and raising fears the United States may face difficulty financing spending to stimulate the economy.

It will be on to Plan B for those economically ignorant clowns in Washington. They’ll be warming up those printing presses to start printing up the New Worth Less Dollars. Stock up on food, potty paper and other necessities of life. By the time they do this, cap and trade and all the other economy killers they have planned, toilet paper is going to be worth more than dollars. Imagine that.