Orlando Tax Day Tea Party

Once again, thousands turned out for the Orlando Tea Party. Unfortunately for me, I’ve been suffering from lower back pain for the last 3 days, so I couldn’t stay as long as I would have liked. There was no way, agonizing pain or not, that I was going to miss this. Being one of those people who absolutely hates to be late for anything, I arrived at 5:18, which was 42 minutes from the start of the event. There was already several hundred people there and another hundred or so arriving every time the walk light lit up.

orlando tax day tea party
We cheered every time a new crowd could cross the street to join us without tempting fatalities. It was, after all, rush hour. There were non-stop beeps of support from passing cars, which isn’t surprising since they were more than likely on their way home from work, and working people don’t want to be taxed to death. By six, we were pretty much elbow to elbow.
orlando tax day tea party

Every news truck was there, and I noticed that all the major news organizations were there.
We have our Channel 6 guy

And this guy, who used a lot of hairspray (yes, he’s primping)

Then he climbed on the roof of his van with his camera guy. I was envious. That would have been a great vantage point to take pictures from

There was plenty of wonderful signage. There were a few that I didn’t get. Here are a few of my favorite signs:

Is this a trick question?

And of course you can’t have a tea party without at least one Ron Paul supporter. This time we hit the jackpot. Two of them were running around pointing at the sky and rambling about the contrails and poison. It was breezy out, so I’m sure the tinfoil hats protecting them blew away.

On the way out, I took some final pictures of the wall of people with signs lining the road.

It was a joyous sight. Then my back told me to take my joyous butt back to the car before it quit.