More Orlando Tea Party 2 Pictures

I’m back and ready for the full story and pictures.
Orlando Tea Party
Orlando Tea Party

When we first arrived, most of the 4200 people that attended were already there. I had aimed to be there an hour earlier to stake out a closer spot, but noooo, my sister had to rattle around the house an extra 15 minutes. We didn’t have to park too far away, as most of the people were filling the garages and didn’t think of street parking a few blocks away. Unfortunately our late arrival meant that we were stuck with obstructed view and obstructed audio. Fortunately, my long arms let me take nice crowd pictures (See last post). You can see video of the event and an overall crowd picture at Channel 13, our local cable news network.The Orlando Sentinel also had an article, which disappeared off the front page by the time I got home at midnight last night. Update: it’s back on the front page of the website If you read the comments, the moonbats are foaming at the mouth trying to minimize it. Our local Fox news network also covered it.

Here’s my favorite signage
Orlando Tea Party

Addressing the boss, TOTUS:
Orlando Tea Party - Taxed Enough Already

Speaking the truth:
Orlando Tea Party signs

Another message for TOTUS:
Orlando Tea Party TOTUS

Orlando Tea Party - On to DC!

I brought my twins, who were ready to protest, though they had no signs this time around.
Orlando Tea Party
I shall call him… Fiscal Rage Boy
Fiscal Rage Boy - Orlando Tea Party

The police, they were bored. The protest was completely peaceful and organized. It was a family event, with lots of strollers and dogs. No dirty smelly hippies. No women with armpit hamsters. No disorderliness anywhere.
Orlando Tea Party Police Bored

Attention span has expired. Maybe it’s because they were in a sea of butts and couldn’t see anything.

Update: More Signage and News 13 is actually running the story over and over, complete with video, not a blip and it’s gone like the last one.

Wish I could have got to this one but I had the twinbots with me
Orlando Tea Party

Orlando Tea Party Obama bin Lyin

Orlando Tea Party debtocrats

Orlando Tea Party

Orlando Tea Party Obama = Carter on Steroids

Orlando Tea Party

Update (#2) The Orlando Sentinel actually has pictures… could they be seeing the light?

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