Orlando Tea Party 2

Today we attended the Orlando Tea Party organized by Lisa Feroli and promoted by Bud Hedinger, our local conservative talking head. It is our second tea party here in Orlando and I believe that we have the Tax Day Tea Party to look forward to as well.

As we drove around for 20 minutes looking for parking, we saw that it was going to be big. Very big. For a not so big city, parking was a real pain in the butt.
First glimpse of the tea party

It was held at Lake Eola. It was a beautiful breezy day.
lake eola

There were thousands there. I kid you not. I had to walk around the lake to get as much of the crowd as I could in the pictures. This was a VERY good turnout.
tea party crowd
tp crowd

I saw a couple of news trucks and reporters interviewing people. Since I have to go out right now, I will continue this later when I get back in.