Orlando Tea Party

The day before the First Orlando Tea Party, I learned of it’s impending occurrence from a young lady who worked for the Republican Party. So I said to my self, “Self, you must be there, even if it is only to add one more live body, since most people have to work.” Dead bodies tend to not attend conservative gatherings. The necro-American vote seems to be overwhelmingly Democrat. I’m not sure why death affects the way a person’s brain works… oh wait, the brain ceases to function. That does explain a lot.

I took the advice of my Self and drove my ever-so-gas-efficient American made Toyota to downtown Orlando to join the festivities. I was wondering how the turnout would be, considering that it was last minute, during a work day, and most people who would be protesting the abominable spending actually have jobs which would pay for it. I’m not really good at guesstimating attendance, but I believe there was at least 100 people there. But why guesstimate when you can just show pictures.

Orlando Tea Party

It started off with everyone waving signs at traffic going by. There was a lot of honking and waving from the passing cars.

playing with traffic

Here’s some favorite signage:

favorite signs
obama sign

No taxation without deliberation.  Repeal or retire. Repeal this crap sandwich or we’ll retire your butt in 2010… that’s only next year folks!

repeal or retire
no taxation without deliberation