So, which field were you hoping for?

Humans in general, but Americans in particular, love us some free will wherever we think we can get it. Not wanting to disappoint my fellow citizens, I offer the simplest of polls for your consideration, in which you may express and even defend YOUR OWN PERSONAL CHOICE of Republican primary fields, the best with which to go up against the current Democrat field. As in real life, however, there are certain … restrictions … on your available choices.*

Here is the single question of the poll:

What actual Republican primary field, as constituted in August of the year prior to nomination, would you most like to have as the actual current field? Please vote by writing one, and one only, of the election years 1988 through 2016; “None” is not an acceptable option.**

* Jonathan Edwards did some of the best work on this, when you have a free moment.
** See *.

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