A Case Study in Restoring Urban America: Doing It Right in New York

I know, New York City is the one place all Americans love to hate, right? If it’s bad anywhere, it’s worst here. Heartland conservatives in particular, as far as I can judge from quite a few years of reading comments on this site, share a firm disbelief that anything could move my town toward the red end of the spectrum.

I beg to differ. Partly because, as a Christian devoted to bringing the gospel of Christ to my neighbors, I have seen changes wrought solely by the grace of God which would have been unthinkable a couple decades ago. But on a purely political level, I refuse to countenance any suggestion that conservatism cannot be planted, take root, and thrive in the bluest of inner cities.

Here’s a noteworthy example. Michel Faulkner’s first political venture was running against Charlie Rangel in 2010; he was soundly beaten, but gained name recognition and campaign experience. He has since honed his message, deepened his resume, suffered the death of his wife, and has now entered the race for Mayor. He pulls no punches against either the Mayor, the CBC, or the President, but is able to do so winsomely and therefore authoritatively. Please keep your eye on him: