Brownian Motion Within the Tsunami

While we are hopefully about to witness the landfall of a tectonically-scaled political realignment, even movement on a more humble scale can and should be appreciated for its part in the overall potency of effect, i.e. DOOM. Such a movement occurred yesterday when NY State Sen. Ruben Diaz (D) endorsed NY-15 (R-Cand.) Michel Faulkner in his bid to send Charlie Rangel out to pasture, imploring the Hispanic community in particular:

“This guy here is one of those titans that our community needs … I’m asking you to cross lines. Forget about Democrat, forget about Republican. We are in a stage that we need real leaders.”

Be encouraged. If such an endorsement can come in … The Bronx* … imagine what must be happening elsewhere under the radar. Now to cheer your hearts a bit:

* I know, many of you will probably consider my hometown the citadel of conservatism after seeing this, but honesty compels me, I’m afraid, to admit that we still have a ways to go. But you’re certainly welcome to come and lend a hand. You might come away with more than you bargained for!