Sarah Palin's Next Move

Okay, so now we got this super heated story about Sarah Palin and everybody wants to learn more about her. Time to strike while the iron is hot.

Now the media have started the meme that Gov. Palin is too timid to come on and do interviews with the press. Alternatively they’ll suggest she will only go on “safe” shows like Hanity, and Glenn Beck.

My first instinct is to double down, book her on Keith Olbermann’s show and watch the fur fly. Let her serve the VP’s job of attack dog, and also draw the enemies fire. Personally I think Gov. Palin would make mincemeat of Olbermann.

However, after some thought I reflected that this might not be a good idea. Not because she can’t handle Olbermann, but because we don’t want her story to continue to be dominated by attack and defense.

The better show to book her on would be Lou Dobbs. No fair mind could call that a “safe” interview, but at the same time Lou is not a rabid leftist. We know he’ll ask about immigration- (I suggest she just say that her position is that the laws need to be enforced, and that as VP she will defer to the President on immigration policy- hinting that she doesn’t agree with amnesty, but that it’s not going to be her area of activity). The main reason Lou Dobbs is such a good pick is because that is the audience that she needs to reach on her main issue: Energy policy. It would go a long way towards changing the debate of the campaigns towards energy policy, which is one of the areas Republicans are winning, and it maximizes Palin’s usefulness to the ticket, while negating the media attack that she won’t do interviews with the news media.

What are other’s thoughts?