Obama bluffed and then folded.

The Obama Administration took a stand against FOX news yesterday.  It was a bluff..  NBC, ABC, CBS and CNN called his bulff and Obama folded.  And when he folded, he did it like a spoiled child.
The Administration advised the major news media that it would make it’s Pay Czar, Ken Feinberg, available for a “round robin” series of interviews by all of the major networks – except FOX.  This follows interviews by various Administration officials recently where the Administration attempts to make its case that FOX is not really a new organization because it broadcasts stories critical of the Obama Administration.  It’s a naked, blatant attempt to control the press in the same way that a tin-pot dictator like Chavez would.
Well, NBC, CBS, ABC and CNN all said if FOX was not included they would not interview Feinberg either.  Oops.  The Administration backed down.  FOX would be allowed to interview – but only for 2 minutes instead of the 5 minute interviews the other networks got. What a bunch of whiney crybabies!
I doubt this suppression of Free Speech is over yet.  The Administration weasels will just try to figure out another way to suppress Obamas detractors.  I predict they exact revenge against those who wouldn’t back down.
Obama seems to be turning “folding” into a high art.  He folded when Russia called his bluff, he folded when Iran thumbed their noses at him, he folded when North Korea raised the stakes.