Stop worrying about illegal immigration

Those who sneak over the border or overstay their visas generally do it to seek employment.  Obamas plan to turn the US into Zimbabwe will keep out the illegal immigrants.  After all, you don’t see anyone sneaking over the border into Zimbabwe do you?

In fact, lets compare Barack Obama to Robert Mugabe.
From Wikipedia: Mugabe’s government supported the Southern African Development Community‘s intervention in the Second Congo War; expropriated thousands of white-owned farms; printed hundreds of trillions of Zimbabwean dollars, causing hyperinflation; and harassed and intimidated such political opponents as the Movement for Democratic Change.
Mugabe has described his critics as “born again colonialists”, and both he and his supporters claim Zimbabwe’s problems are the legacy of imperialism, aggravated by Western economic meddling.

Obama’s government supports ACORN’s intervention in the Mortgage Banking industry, the Internal Revenue Service and HUD. Obama has expropriated major financial, insurance and manufacturing businesses; prints trillions of dollars, which will soon cause hyperinflation; and harasses and intimidates such political opponents as FOX News, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity and Glenn Beck.

Obama regularly denounces his critics, sometimes engages in name-calling, and both he and his supporters claim America’s problems are the legacy of slavery, aggravated by personal and corporate greed.