howl caesar

Well, our President took time off from his busy schedule to lend his weight to Chicago’s bid for the 2016 Olympic Games.  And fell flat on his face.

The games went to Rio de Janeiro instead of Chicago.  In fact Chicago had the least votes among the finalists.  While Obama no doubt expected to be carried through the city on the shoulders of adulating fans, the IOC was obviously not impressed.  Oops.

President Obama in a display of megalomania convinced himself that it was worth taking time away from obamacare, soaring unemployment and the war in Afghanistan to play King of the World.  The world, he is fast finding out thinks of him as a novelty, not a king.  And his “charm” is fast wearing off.  The President’s priorities are woefully misplaced.  His image as a “brilliant innovator” is fast morphing into one of “inexperienced incompetent”.  The world is discovering what many of us in the States already know – he is all talk.

On the bright side, President Obama did manage to carve out 25 minutes to meet with General McChrystal:

Susan Davis reports on the White House.

President Barack Obama held a private meeting with Army Gen. Stanley McChrystal aboard Air Force One in Copenhagen today, following up on a Wednesday teleconference.

McChrystal, in charge of military operations in Afghanistan, has warned of mission failure if more troops are not sent to the region. The president tapped the general to lead the effort in May.

They huddled for 25 minutes in a private cabin aboard the plane. “The president wanted to take the opportunity to get together with Gen. McChyrstal,” White House spokesman Robert Gibbstold reporters.

McChrystal had been in London where he met with U.K. Prime Minister Gordon Brown, and the president asked him to make the trip to Copenhagen for the face-to-face meeting. The president is headed back to Washington, D.C., following an appeal before the International Olympics Committee to land Chicago as the site of the 2016 games.

25 minutes.  I guess that would be indicative of what is important to him.  That and the fact that he seems in no hurry whatsoever to act on the General’s recommendations.  He has to think about it.  Discuss it.  Run it up the flagpole.  Maybe talk to Michelle.  Don’t worry about it though – he’ll get around to it…