dead plan walking

President Obama claims that diplomacy is the way to go in the dispute with Iran over its nuclear ambitions.  I think he’s lying.  Obama is too smart to believe that Iran will do anything but stall while it continues to build weapons of mass destruction with which it may be able to achieve its dreams of world domination and wiping Israel off the face of the earth.

WASHINGTON — President Barack Obama on Thursday called landmark international talks with Iran on its nuclear program “a constructive beginning” but said that Iran must match its promises of cooperation with deeds.

Now that Iran has agreed to open its newly disclosed nuclear enrichment facility to international inspectors, it “must grant unfettered access” to those inspectors within two weeks, Obama said.

“Talk is no substitute for action,” Obama said at the White House after talks ended earlier in the day in Switzerland. “Our patience is not unlimited.”

Obama said that if Iran follows through with concrete steps “there is a path to a better relationship” with the United States and the international community.

The president said that Iran’s promise during the talks to transfer some of its low-enriched uranium to another country for processing is an example of such a step. The uranium would be used in a medical-research reactor.

What a load of crap. “Now that Iran has agreed to open its newly disclosed nuclear enrichment facility.” That makes it sound like they fessed up to the additional facility rather than the fact that it was discovered by Western intelligence services and only when confronted with indisputable evidence did Iran acknowledge the plants existence.  There is at least one report which indicates that five more facilities have been uncovered.

“Talk is no substitute for action,” Obama said.  Maybe he should try living up to that statement himself.  But he usually has advice for others which he doesn’t follow himself.  Action is what is required to interdict nuclear weapon development in Iran.  Talk has been going on for years.  “Just words” as Obama would say.  Iran has lied over and over again about everything related to it nuclear ambitions.

The president said that Iran’s promise during the talks to transfer some of its low-enriched uranium to another country for processing is an example of such a step. The uranium would be used in a medical-research reactor.  The Iranians are no doubt blowing camels milk out of their noses laughing over that one.

Obama doesn’t get it.  The Iranians don’t want a peaceful relationship with anyone, but especially not the US.  What they want is time to develop nuclear warheads and better missiles.  And instead of action, we are giving them time.  Why you might wonder?  Because we have absolutely no intention of doing anything about it.  And we have no intention of doing anything in North Korea either.  The world community might think we are mean. All the empty blustering Obama does only strengthens the resolve of our enemies and proves our weakness.  “Negotiations” have been going on with North Korea for years.  They get what they want, promise to lay off the nuclear development, and immediately carry on with what they were doing.  The only difference, is we give up something for nothing.  The same thing is happening with Iran.  Somehow, we will give them something they want and in return we’ll get to process their “low-enriched uranium” while they continue to build hidden, armored facilities.  One day it will be too late.  Saudi Arabia realizes this which is why it is rumored that they have indicated to Israel that permission will be given  to fly over on their way to try to slow Iran’s development down.

And then there’s the UN – a bunch of limp-wristed, corrupt mooches.

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Last week, President Barack Obama was at the United Nations, wining and dining the international do-gooder set and doing the grip and grin with friends, adversaries, and those who can’t quite make up their minds. He gave a lovely speech to the General Assembly, speaking in glowing terms of international cooperation to deal with the world’s problems, and he chaired a meeting of the Security Council where one and all solemnly promised to work toward a world where Albert Einstein’s ruinous equation E=MC2 would be conveniently forgotten and mankind would be forever saved from the prospect of nuclear annihilation.

Both the speech and the song and dance at the Security Council meeting were illustrative of the sad fact that the United Nations is not a place where serious issues are addressed, much less resolved. While Obama talked non-proliferation and a nuke-free world, he was also fully aware that one of the UN’s member states was thumbing its nose at the world and constructing a secret uranium enrichment facility that was giving the lie to its oft-repeated promises that its nuclear program is for “peaceful” purposes only.

The disheartening corruption that permeates the world body, the cronyism, the waste, the fraud, the Oil for Food scandal — all of this pales in comparison to the consequences of what will happen if the United Nations does not get deadly serious about the Iranian nuclear program and do all in its power to stop it.

But this is a body that only gets “deadly serious” about making sure the napkins match the curtains at any of the endless diplomatic soirees that help kill the boredom of life at the UN. In order to get serious about denying Iran the ultimate means of assuring that no one will ever again insult the prophet by portraying him in silly little cartoons, the world would have to face some unpleasant truths. And since the UN is all about burying unpleasant truths underneath an avalanche of platitudes and meaningless drivel, the chances of any concerted effort by the world community to stop the Iranians are between slim and none.

There’s no hope for any help or even “moral support” from Russia or China.

The Iranians’ Achilles’ heel is gasoline. Despite sitting on an ocean of oil, their inadequate refining capability forces them to import up to 40% of their fuel needs. It would be a tempting target for any sanctions regime to deny the Iranians a significant portion of their fuel needs.

But to do that, President Obama well knows he must convince the Russians and the Chinese that this route is the only way to both prevent an Iranian bomb and probably an Israeli military strike on Iran that could blow up the Middle East and perhaps a good portion of the world with it.

Russia has made the right noises about increasing sanctions on Iran, but most analysts believe they would stop far short of endorsing such tough penalties on one of their most important trading partners. The same goes for China, which has a very profitable and growing trading relationship with the Islamic Republic.

Great Britain is hopeless under Gordon Brown and then there’s the French…

The sad fact is that the only hope for slowing down Iran’s nuclear ambitions is Israel.  And I don’t guess they put much stock in promises from us to aid them in the event of an attack after the way Obama stiffed Poland and Czechoslovakia recently.  So the only viable strategy for Israel is a pre-emptive strike.   I hope they do it soon – for their sake.